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Stoner Essentials: 8 Accessories Every Avid Weed Smoker Needs

Whoa, dude.

Did you know that weed is the fastest growing industry in the United States?

No surprise there. Since it’s started to become more mainstream, many stoners are taking to the internet and streets to advocate its legalization.

And as we unite as one, us stoners are making sure we’re ready for the movement.

We’re here to help. Here’s our list of stoner essentials to ensure you’re ready to light up in a legal place near you.

8 Stoner Essentials You Can’t NOT Have

Ready to get high with cannabis? Us too.

This list isn’t long… But if you stock up on everything here, you’ll be totally prepped.

These eight things are all you need in your home to be a certified stoner.

1. Rolling Papers

This is ground zero for stoner essentials. If you’ve got weed and you’ve got papers… you’re pretty much good to go.

When picking rolling papers, you’ll want to look at:

  • Size and thickness
  • Flavor
  • Ingredients

It might take you a while to find your preferred papers. Every stoner has a preference when it comes to what it is they’re looking for in a perfect rolling paper.

For example, rice rolling papers are tough to roll but burn slowly. Wood pulp rolling papers, on the other hand, are easy to roll and burn quickly.

Taste is also a huge factor. Some papers are very distinct while others are virtually tasteless.

2. Bong

Nothing gives you a nice big hit like a bong.

Some things to consider when choosing your bong are:

Will You Be Smoking Dry Herbs or Concentrate?

Water pipes can be used to smoke most dry herbs and concentrates. But it will affect the style of join you attach.

How and When Will You Use It?

Do you plan to take your bong with you wherever you go? Or keep it in your closet until it’s Christmas again?

This will affect your choice of bong.

For example, beakers and straight tubes are more durable than bent necks.

Whatever bong it is you choose, make sure to treat it well by keeping it clean and storing it in a safe place.

Don’t leave it on the coffee table for your cat or your stoner friends to knock onto the carpet.

3. Glass Pipe

There are a few different kinds of glass pipes. And each one offers something unique to the weed smoking experience.

It’s definitely one of the stoner essentials and here are your choices:

  • Chillums: These are small hand pipes. It basically is a glass tube.
  • Spoon pipes: You see these most often. They have a small bowl for your cannabis and fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Sherlock pipes: You guessed it… the glass pipes with the iconic arched stem. Of course, this style is associated with Sherlock Holmes.
  • Bubblers: The pipe hybrid uses the shape of a glass pipe and the water effect of a bong.
  • Steamrollers: These are so aptly named because they will ‘steamroll’ the user if he isn’t prepared for it. Get ready for a big hit, basically.

Which glass pipe will you choose to add to your stoner essentials collection?

You can always ask your glass pipe retailer to help you make the perfect choice for you. The options are endless and the perfect fit is out there, waiting.

4. Grinder

Grinders are essential because they bust up your weed for rolling, packing, and smoking.

Most grinders work with multiple parts. You’ll essentially open it up, stick your weed inside, and close to twist.

The twisting motion uses small spikes to break apart your weed.

This will also help you separate the seeds from the weed, which can sometimes sneak their way into your buds.

5. Stash Box

You’re a serious stoner now, dude. No more Ziploc baggies.

You need a stash box. A super snazzy, chic way to store your green and other essentials.

This can be anything from a tin to a wooden box. Or — one of my personal favorites — a puzzle box.

Feel free to get creative here. Your stash box is an expression of who you are as a stoner.

Whatever floats your boat. Just remember to store it somewhere dry and safe.

6. Reliable Lighter

Guard these babies with your life. Nothing will come and go more in your life than a good lighter.

The best way to avoid the dreaded “We’ve got no flame!” at the last second is to always keep one in your stash box.

And be prepared with backup!

You can always have a box of matches readily available in case things get hazy on a Friday night and your besties pocket all your Bics.

7. Ashtrays

No one wants dirty ashes everywhere.

Give your friends some fun places to flick their ashes. Class it up by ditching the old beer can ashtray for a newer model.

And make it fun. Like your stash box, your ashtray is a fun expression of who you are as a stoner.

Pick one up the next time you’re in Vegas and make it more than just a place to flick leftovers. Make it part of the experience and a decoration in your home.

8. Cleaning Supplies

Nothing’s worse than a clogged up bong or pipe.

With the purchase of these gems comes great responsibility. Make sure you’re prepared to clean them with the right tools.

Pipe cleaners and some sprays specifically for this purpose should always be fully stocked in your home.

In a pinch? A toothpick can work.

But seriously, you’re a pro now dude. Get yourself the good stuff and make your stoner essentials last you a lifetime.

Ready for Your Next High?

Almost 3% of the whole world is with you and ready to light up that next joint. As the popularity of cannabis grows, us stoners are uniting to give each other tips on the stoner essentials.

Not prepared to light up cus you still gotta make a trip to the dispensary? Not stacked with the essentials yet?

Check out these other legal highs that work for some alternatives til your next cannabis adventure.

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