ways to get high without drugs

So you want to experience that relaxing sensation, but you don’t want to actually have to smoke anything to get there. If only there were ways to get high without drugs! Believe it or not, that’s possible. From music to yoga and fasting, there are plenty of ways to unwind. Eager to find out more? Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to get high without drugs. A Legal High Is the Best High Let’s face it, the worldview of cannabis is changing, but not everybody has yet accepted the green stuff as a valid form of relaxation. The last thing you wantRead More →

man jogging

Approximately 55 million Americans (that’s about 22 percent of the population) currently uses marijuana. This is a number that continues to go up as recreational use is legalized throughout the country. Now that the use of marijuana is becoming more popular, topics such as working out high are getting more and more attention. Is it smart? Are there any benefits? Is it something worth trying? If you have had these questions about marijuana and exercise in the past, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of this here. 1. It Helps Relieve Exercise Related Aches andRead More →

woman with runners high

According to studies, people with high aerobic fitness tend to live longer, and runners are no exception. The health benefits of this type of exercise are one of the main reasons people take up running in the first place. Plus, you can get a natural high from running.  But, what is runners high? In this article, we’re going to have a closer look at runners high and whether or not the hard work is worth it.  What Is Runners High? If you take up running, you may find that you experience a sense of euphoria once you reach a certain level. You’ll feel invincible. You’llRead More →

how to get a runner's high

Did you know that you can get a natural, euphoric high from running? This high is similar to orgasms and pot smoking. In fact, several addicts have found comfort in running highs to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. If you want a more natural (and healthy way) to get an intense high feeling, read this article. This article explains what a runner’s high is and how you can feel it! What is a Runner’s High? Runner’s high happens when a person’s body is tired, but she or he feels like they just conquered a mountain or another big feat. People seek this high forRead More →