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The movement to legalize marijuana has grown in recent years. The support for both medical and recreational use crosses party lines. Even former House Speaker, John Boehner, has come out to support its legalization. With laws changing quickly, it’s hard to know in which state it’s legal to smoke weed. As of now, 29 states allow the use of medical marijuana. Nine states and Washington DC allow the use of recreational weed. Even though the number of states with legal recreational weed laws is growing, what they all have in common is that you can only smoke weed in private and you have to beRead More →

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The spirit of adventure is present in all avid weed smokers. From the time you smoked your first joint, then your first bong rip, cannabis consumers are always willing to try something new. By now you’ve probably heard of marijuana concentrates. Going by different names and forms, such as wax, butane hash oil (BHO), shatter, live resin, etc., these are extracts that tout an almost pure form of cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD. But for this article, we’ll shift our focus to the most beautiful of them all, the shatter. Shatter has an almost hypnotic look to it. Clear as glass and brittle as aRead More →

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Everyone knows that smokers are quite inventive. Over the years, they’ve come up with some of the most creative ways to get high. Whether you’re ready to graduate from soda cans and tinfoil, or you just want to experience the many different ways available to get your smoke on, this list will give you some ideas of the best ways to smoke pot. Trying out different smoking methods is half the fun. Read on for some of the time-honored ways to smoke weed and get high! The Joint Possibly the most iconic method for toking up, the joint is a classic and accessible smoking method.Read More →


What do you know about CBD? With many states legalizing marijuana, CBD has been in the news for its medical applications and potential benefits. But what exactly is CBD? How is it different than THC? Is it safe to take or are there side-effects you need to be aware of? And will it get you high? To learn more about CBD, keep reading for 7 essential facts to keep you informed. 1. CBD Won’t Get You High One of the first questions people ask about CBD is if it will get them high. After all, the dominant cultural image of pot use has associated it withRead More →


You must have noticed that cannabis strains have different smells and flavors. Some of these flavors include pine, citrus, mint and berry. What you smell is cannabis terpenes, and it plays a crucial role in the cannabis plant. Cannabis terpenes are the fragrant oils produced in the same glands as THC and CBD. They give cannabis its aromatic flavor. Terpenes give the Lavender strain its floral aroma, Blueberry its berry smell, and the cheese-like aroma to the Cheese strain. Terpenes form in the cannabis plant for adaptive reasons. They attract agents of pollination and repel predators. Terpenes occur in other plants, fruits, and herbs asRead More →