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CBD has been at the forefront of the natural medicine field for half a decade now – and for good reason!CBD is known for reducing stress, aiding in muscular pain relief, and inducing a state of calm and focus. Although, many people are hesitant to try this super supplement due to its marijuana plant origin. The Marijana plant contains both THC, the chemical that induces that “high” feeling, and CBD, the non-intoxicating chemical.  If you haven’t tried CBD yet you’re probably wondering “how does CBD make you feel, really?”   Keep reading to find out about the benefits of CBD, what it really feels like, and theRead More →

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Your lips have over 1 million nerve endings, making them the most sensitive part of your body. Speaking, smiling, frowning, and of course kissing – our lips are here to do it all! However, it usually isn’t until we start experiencing the pain of dryness, or irritation, that we realize how much our lips move. If you’re suffering from excessively dry lips, you should try using a CBD lip balm. Unlike other lip balms mask the problem, CBD balms, work to stop dryness from happening in the first place. So pucker up, and keep on reading! We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about using CBDRead More →

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As popular as the psychoactive effects of THC are, many are turning to high CBD cannabis strains due to the health benefits. Any strain that contains 4 percent or more CBD qualifies as one of these strains. With so many CBD strains on the market, it can be hard to choose one that will work for your particular ailment. Charlotte’s web helps with seizures, ACDC will make you more productive, and harle-tsu helps fight pain. These aren’t the only strains that you should consider. Check out this list to see the top high CBD strains that you should try out. 1. ACDC The ACDC strainRead More →

Marijuana Plants

More than 100 unique terpenes have been identified in the marijuana plant so far. Terpenes are what determines the effects and flavor of marijuana. They are the aromatic oils that flavor weed with citrus, berry, and mint flavors. With such a variety to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which terpenes you like the most. Continue reading to learn about the best types of terpenes to enhance your experience! 1. Myrcene The most common found terpene in cannabis is myrcene. Myrcene has been associated with earthy and musky flavors and aromas in cannabis. Some people are even reminded of cloves while smelling it. MyrceneRead More →