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5 Reasons Why It’s Great to Wake and Bake to Start Your Day

Think you might want to start your day with a wake and bake? You’re not alone. Almost 22% of American cannabis users wake and bake before work.

Why? Well, there is a slew of benefits of waking and baking. Keep reading to learn why you should wake up bake up before starting your day.

It Encourages Eating a Good Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It helps kickstart your metabolism, improve your memory, and can even lower your risk of heart disease.

With so many employed in corporate America, though, breakfasts often consist of a grab-and-go energy bar. Even worse, they’re also often a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich or daily sugary coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Taking time for a morning wake and bake also creates time (and appetite) for a good, home-cooked breakfast.

The Right Strain Will Give You Energy

If you tried waking and baking once only to fall back asleep, it’s possible you just smoked the wrong strain. Make sure to smoke a Sativa, which will give you an energy boost in the morning rather than put you back to sleep.

Visit a cannabis dispensary to find the perfect morning strain for you. Sour Diesel is popular with wake and bakers because it’s such a high energy strain!

It Can Alleviate Anxiety

Marijuana has been prescribed to alleviate anxiety since the 1500s. For those whose minds are plagued by running to-do lists as soon as you wake up, waking and baking is a great way to set your focus for the day without your agenda stressing you out.

There are also instances in which it can increase anxiety, but that’s mostly in users in unfamiliar territories or situations at the time of toking up. Usually, waking and baking in the comfort of your own home won’t run the risk of heightened anxiety.

It Can Make You Work Better

There’s no conclusive science that states marijuana makes you more productive. So why are there so many individual reports of users getting so much done after waking and baking?

For many who are self-employed, a morning toke is almost necessary to find the drive to sit down and get to work. For creatives, “highdeas” have led to entire novel plots, epic works of artwork, and engineering strokes of genius.

Regardless of your work situation, many cannabis users report a huge burst of motivation and productivity after smoking in the morning.

It’ll Start Your Day on the Right Note

There’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing every day. It’s to avoid the mental fatigue that comes with not having a clear-cut morning routine in place.

Morning routines are essential for starting your day stress-free. The anxiety of making many mini-decisions in the morning affects the way you make decisions for the rest of the day.

Setting time aside to do the same routine every morning, whether it’s waking and baking or going for a run, helps you start the day confidently and clearly.

Beyond the Wake and Bake

Now that you’ve read up the best reasons to wake and bake in the AM, want to learn more about getting high with cannabis? Read our other articles on the art of getting high!

There are other ways to get high legally, too– check them out if you’re ready to relax without the use of marijuana.

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