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The Top 10 Best Ways to Smoke Weed

Everyone knows that smokers are quite inventive. Over the years, they’ve come up with some of the most creative ways to get high.

Whether you’re ready to graduate from soda cans and tinfoil, or you just want to experience the many different ways available to get your smoke on, this list will give you some ideas of the best ways to smoke pot.

Trying out different smoking methods is half the fun. Read on for some of the time-honored ways to smoke weed and get high!

The Joint

Possibly the most iconic method for toking up, the joint is a classic and accessible smoking method. Joints are easily disguisable and perfect for the beginner as papers are readily available at tobacco shops.

Though it does take some practice to roll the perfect joint, it’s easy to use and stash wherever you want.

One of the great benefits of joints is that, once rolled shut, they’re compact and sealed for on-the-go smoke sessions. All you need is a joint and lighter, and you’re all set.

The Blunt

A blunt is similar to a joint, but it’s usually cigar-style and blended with tobacco or wrapped in cigar paper. Since blunts are so dense, they make for a longer smoke or a great share with friends.

Blunts can hold a lot of material, and the flavor options are a big plus for people who like a little something extra.

A bonus of the blunt is that it’s very discreet. Cigar smoke is heavy and fragrant, so blunts can be a perfect way to stealthily hit your favorite bud.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that blunts carry the same risks as smoking because of their tobacco content.

The Vaporizer

Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular way to smoke. Whether you have a portable vape pen or a model that plugs into the wall, vaporizers let you get a great hit without the health risks of burning smoke.

These accessories heat the bud without combusting it. You get the pure benefits without any of the cannabinoids burning up before they can get to you.

Another bonus is that vapes don’t have the telltale smell of other smoking methods. They’re perfect for smoking indoors or in public without bothering your neighbors.

Though vape setups can be expensive, they’re one of the healthiest ways to consume marijuana.

The Bong

If you like big hits and lots of smoke, chances are you’re a fan of bongs. Made of a variety of materials such as glass, ceramic, metal, and more, they contain water to help cool the smoke and filter out some of the contaminants.

Bongs are a smoker’s best friend. Great for a group session or daily use, their large rolling clouds bring you great high very efficiently.

Less harsh than a pipe or joint, taking a bong rip can be an almost therapeutic experience.

The Glass Pipe

Usually small and very transportable, glass pipes are often beautiful pieces of art in their own right. Many styles slowly change color over time, or even glow in the dark.

For a daily smoke, nothing beats the glass pipe. Though small, they still provide a nice hit. They’re versatile and easy to stash most anywhere for those that like to partake while on the move.

The Dab

Dabs are extremely potent, and not for the faint of heart. Essentially they are solidified hash oil, which you smoke by flash-vaporizing it with a butane torch.

While that might seem extreme, it’s actually healthier since you’re not inhaling any plant material.

User beware: dabs get you really high really fast. If you’re an experienced smoker, however, don’t be afraid to give dabs a try!

The Bubbler

Bubblers are just plain fun. A hybrid between a pipe and a bong, they’re more portable than a bong but still allow you to get a similar hit without the clunky hardware.

If you like a mellow high, bubblers are a great experience.

The One-Hitter

The one-hitter, exactly like the name, is designed for a quick toke when you’re short on time. P

erfect for after class or when you’re just looking for a pick-me-up, this device is discreet and fits basically anywhere you need it to go.

A supremely simple device, these tiny tools do the job. Pack one and toss it in your pocket or backpack for those times you really need one solid hit.

The Hookah

Not necessarily appropriate for a daily smoke, hookahs can make for a great party experience. There’s nothing like a night gathering around a hookah with friends.

Hookahs have the water chamber of bongs, but their large bowls and hose inhalation methods allow for a long, casual smoke. Their huge chambers mean you can get giant hits.

You’ll typically find the hookah produces a mild high, which is great for long social sessions or special occasions.


Though not a method of smoking, you shouldn’t discount consuming cannabis via edibles. Great for microdosing or for those who don’t wish to inhale smoke, edibles provide a unique bodily experience that is unlike any other method of consumption.

Edibles are fun to make in any form you like. From brownies to candies and much more, they’re the ultimate way to take your high with you anywhere you go.

What Ways to Smoke Weed Do You Prefer?

Ultimately, the way you partake comes down to your own preference. There are as many ways to smoke weed as there are fans of cannabis. Over time you’ll get to experience many different methods and their benefits.

The method you use at home may not be the method you choose in social settings. That’s why many smokers have a few ways they prefer depending on the situation.

Try out as many as you can to see which high suits you the most. For more on the best ways to get your smoke on, visit us at Legal Highs That Work.

Let us know in the comments what some of your favorite methods are!

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