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7 Essential Facts You Should Know About CBD

What do you know about CBD? With many states legalizing marijuana, CBD has been in the news for its medical applications and potential benefits.

But what exactly is CBD? How is it different than THC? Is it safe to take or are there side-effects you need to be aware of? And will it get you high?

To learn more about CBD, keep reading for 7 essential facts to keep you informed.

1. CBD Won’t Get You High

One of the first questions people ask about CBD is if it will get them high. After all, the dominant cultural image of pot use has associated it with a party lifestyle.

The truth is, though, that CBD itself isn’t psychoactive. THC, the other dominant cannabinoid, is the one responsible for getting you high. CBD on its own interacts with the body in a very different way.

2. CBD Is Not Addictive

Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. This has meant that there are few studies on the effects of cannabis use.

The World Health Organization, on the other hand, has officially stated that pure CBD is safe for human consumption. They state that it doesn’t contribute to drug abuse or addiction in people who consume it.

3. Hemp CBD Is Legal

While the federal government hasn’t legalized marijuana, hemp is allowed by law. Similar to marijuana, hemp comes from the same cannabis family, except it contains virtually no THC.

CBD is still present in hemp, however, providing consumers a legal avenue to obtaining it.

4. It Might be an Anti-Cancer Drug

A study from the National Institute of Health suggests that CBD may be an effective way to fight cancer. It seems that the way CBD interacts with the body makes it difficult for tumors to grow while disrupting cancer’s ability to metastasize.

Medical marijuana has already helped cancer patients cope by reducing nausea and pain while increasing their appetite. This development would make it an even more powerful tool for people fighting cancer.

5. It’s Effective at Reducing Seizures

The thought of providing children with cannabis derivatives may seem counterintuitive. However, CBD has been shown to reduce epilepsy in one-third of children and young adults studied.

6. It Works Best with Other Cannabinoids

The entourage effect refers to the concept that cannabis compounds work in concert to maximize each other’s benefits. In essence, it says the CBD is more effective when taken with the other cannabinoids.

While pure CBD can be found as an isolate it seems that the full spectrum of phytochemicals has far greater better benefits.

7. It Can Come in Many Forms

CBD oil is becoming the most popular way of consuming CBD, but it’s not the only way. As marijuana testing labs better understand the compound, it’s finding its way into various other forms.

High-CBD flower is available, while gummies, butter, and other edibles are available. It can also be found in lotions and topical creams, too.

Whatever your preference, there’s an easy way for you to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

All You Need to Know About CBD

With years of marijuana misinformation, knowing the truth about CBD lets you decide for yourself if it’s something you can benefit from. The better you understand its benefits, the more certain you can be about your decision.

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