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Green Gains: 5 Benefits of Working Out High

Approximately 55 million Americans (that’s about 22 percent of the population) currently uses marijuana. This is a number that continues to go up as recreational use is legalized throughout the country.

Now that the use of marijuana is becoming more popular, topics such as working out high are getting more and more attention.

Is it smart? Are there any benefits? Is it something worth trying?

If you have had these questions about marijuana and exercise in the past, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of this here.

1. It Helps Relieve Exercise Related Aches and Pains

Have you recently worked out so hard and felt extremely proud that you pushed yourself to your limits? However, once you cool down, you may be singing a different tune.

Pain in your muscles can result in serious setbacks when you try to work out again.

Cannabis is well-known for alleviating pain and has been used for treating both chronic and acute pain. In fact, there are some studies that have proven cannabinoids can actually “switch” off the pain signals in your body.

This results in you not feeling as much of the pain. Put simply, marijuana helps to make workout pain and soreness bearable.

2. Protects Your Brain from Injuries

Do you participate in contact sports for exercise, such as football, hockey, boxing, etc.? If so, then you know that head injuries are a real possibility.

If it is a minor issue, then the problem will likely dissipate and heal within a few weeks. However, more severe injuries, like concussions take much longer to heal and can result in a number of symptoms.

If you suffer a blow to the skull your brain is going to begin to swell. This damages the brain cells and alters the way your brain functions.

Cannabinoids, such as CBD actually have anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling in the brain. It is necessary to get the right strain, and you can learn more about this by visiting a local dispensary.

3. Eliminate Pre-Workout Anxiety

Have you never been to the gym before? Does the thought of going and being judged cause anxiety? If so, weed can help with these anxious feelings.

While there is some research that marijuana makes some people more paranoid (if it does, it will go away when the high wears off), with high CBD strains, you can walk into the gym like a boss and leave all that anxiety in the car.

That’s because CBD helps to prevent panic attacks and helps you relax and calm down rather than overreacting to life going on around you. This can help you heal yourself and relieve even extreme cases of social anxiety.

4. Increased Focus

Pot can be great when you need to focus on any type of repetitive task. This is why so many recreational runners enjoy running after smoking. They make the argument that taking just a few puffs before going out for a long-distance run makes everything more enjoyable.

Think about it – if you are running by the woods or a lake, the marijuana is going to help you be more aware of everything around you. This type of bliss can aid your performance and result in you running for longer and further than you intended.

Since pot helps you get in the zone, it’s a beloved supplement for those who enjoy yoga and meditation, too.

Keep in mind though, if you want to achieve this focused state, you have to find the right strain. There are some that may induce the lazy effect.

5. It Helps You Win the Battle of the Bulge

There’s no question that moderate exercise can help you burn off your breakfast. However, the calories that are burned through exercise aren’t the only way you can lose weight.

In fact, a recent study showed that those who used cannabis on a regular basis have a fasting insulin (that’s the insulin present in your body prior to eating) level that is about 16 percent lower than those who don’t use it.

It also showed that cannabis consumers had 17 percent lower insulin resistance levels, as well as a lower, average waist circumference.

Insulin is a hormone. It is responsible for telling your cells to take glucose (sugar) to use for energy. If there is too much unused sugar in your cells, then you are going to gain weight.

If your body is unable to handle insulin properly, you may also put on weight. However, the cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant help to facilitate overall metabolic function.

By using cannabis, your body better manages insulin. This helps to reduce the likelihood that you put on weight due to improper management of this crucial hormone.

Working Out High: It’s Worth a Try!

If you have been thinking about working out high, why not give it a try? As you can see from the information here, there are more than a few benefits offered by doing so.

Also, with cannabis now being legal in a wide array of places across the U.S., it is easier than ever to get the strains needed for optimal performance.

If you want to learn more about cannabis and how it can positively impact your day, be sure to check out our blog. For example, we offer insight and information on the benefits offered when you wake and bake. Our goal is to help provide information about cannabis and ensure you have the facts to make smart decisions for your own life.

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