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What is Runner’s High and is it Worth It?

According to studies, people with high aerobic fitness tend to live longer, and runners are no exception. The health benefits of this type of exercise are one of the main reasons people take up running in the first place. Plus, you can get a natural high from running. 

But, what is runners high? In this article, we’re going to have a closer look at runners high and whether or not the hard work is worth it. 

What Is Runners High?

If you take up running, you may find that you experience a sense of euphoria once you reach a certain level.

You’ll feel invincible. You’ll also experience a reduced state of pain and discomfort. You may even lose track of time completely. This is what we call runners high. So, why does this happen?

Endorphins and Endocannabinoids

Until now, research put runners high down to endorphins. This is a feel-good chemical that our body releases when we undertake certain types of exercise.

However, endorphins are too large to pass through the blood-brain barrier that quickly. With this in mind, it’s unlikely that this is the cause of runners high. 

This is where endocannabinoids come in. You may have heard of these because of their link with marijuana and CBD use. You can view options for vaping CBD at VaporDNA. 

According to research, our bodies release endocannabinoids naturally during exercise. By doing so, it takes the edge off the physical activity, thus offering that euphoric high. 

How to Get Runners High

When it comes to achieving runners high, it’s all about the long workouts at moderate intensity. Some believe that to achieve runners high, you have to do at least one hour of nonstop activity.

Basically, the longer you workout the more likely you are to achieve that sense of euphoria. But, it’s not just the amount of time you workout.

You also have to consider the intensity at which you’re working out. Moderate intensity is what triggers the maximization of blood flow to the brain. This is also the best intensity for stimulating endocannabinoids. 

Experience Is Key

The more running you do, the more likely you are to experience runners high. While this means that beginners won’t have that sense of euphoria to get them through the first stages, it will motivate you once you achieve it. 

Sports and running specialists say it’s rare for beginners to achieve runners high. This is because many spend their training stages counting down the minutes of their run.

Plus, you can only achieve runners high after one to two hours of running. And, the likelihood is, you won’t be able to run one to two hours nonstop the first time you hit the pavement or treadmill. 

So, Is Runners High Worth It?

The real question isn’t ‘what is runners high?’ but more ‘is it worth it?’ The short answer: yes.

Runners high means that you’ve achieved a level of fitness that will impact various other aspects of your life. Plus, that euphoric feeling will give you the energy to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also motivating you towards your goals. 

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