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3 Ways to Get High Legally

Remember when legal highs were sold in head shops? Then maybe you’ve noticed that these natural psychoactive substances (NPS) are gone now. 

That’s because the sale of NPS was banned by the Psychoactive Substance Act (PSA). Since then, 31 head shops have closed down and 332 no longer stock legal highs. 

While the open sale of NPSs has been eliminated, they are still available from street dealers and police are cracking down. There have been 492 arrests and 1,523 seizures of legal highs in the UK since the PSA went into effect. 

These bans are leading many people to switch to whatever they can get their hands on, which usually means illegal drugs. Instead of getting high the illegal way, though, check out these 3 ways to get high that are completely legal. 


1. Exercise

You can get high for free without having to leave your home with exercise.

If you’ve seen Legally Blonde, you know the popular quote about exercise releasing endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Miss Woods was right and that’s why exercise is the best legal, free way to get high.

For the best high from exercise, go for a long run or do an intense exercise routine with no rest. 

2. Kratom

Want to get high and medicated at the same time? Kratom is an excellent choice for a natural and legal high.

This naturally derived legal high is made from the leaves of a tree native to southeast Asia. While people love it for the all-natural high you get from chewing the leaves or consuming the powder, there are also health benefits. Kratom helps treat depression, drug withdrawal, insomnia, stress, and pain. 

Depending on the feeling you want, kratom can be mixed with coffee for an energetic high or with chamomile tea for a more relaxed high. 

3. Cannabidiol

CBD is all the rage right now and it’s no wonder since this is the #1 best way to get a legal high.

Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid found in organic hemp. Though it doesn’t pack the same punch as THC, you can plenty of medicinal benefits from CBD oil. You can even buy CBD hemp oil online and get it shipped straight to your home. 

CBD oil can be added to drinks and food. Or you can buy the hemp flower from a head shop and smoke it like you would legal weed.

Do These Legal Ways to Get High Even Work?

So what’s the bottom line? Do these legal highs really work?

While you won’t get the same high as illegal drugs, these legal highs are the best kind of high. You won’t have to worry about getting arrested or buying bad drugs. You can also get these legal highs much more easily and safely than you can get illegal drugs on the streets.

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