how to get a runner's high

How to Get a Runner’s High

Did you know that you can get a natural, euphoric high from running?

This high is similar to orgasms and pot smoking. In fact, several addicts have found comfort in running highs to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

If you want a more natural (and healthy way) to get an intense high feeling, read this article. This article explains what a runner’s high is and how you can feel it!

What is a Runner’s High?

Runner’s high happens when a person’s body is tired, but she or he feels like they just conquered a mountain or another big feat.

People seek this high for the sense of accomplishment. This temporary sensation is also a known stress reliever. People who feel this high are elated and happy after pushing their bodies to the max.

You will no longer feel the pain or discomfort from running when you are in this elated state.

Is runner’s high real? Yes, ask marathon runners and others who exercise regularly.

The Cause

Endorphins are nature’s opiates that are similar to the human-created morphine. More endorphins lead to this euphoric feeling. You need to push your body to create additional endorphins because your body starts to become uncomfortable.

In addition to endorphins, your body also pumps out endocannabinoids, which are a natural version of THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes the buzz. One of these chemicals, anandamide, can create the feeling of calmness.

Certain neurons only produce endorphins. Any cell can generate endocannabinoids for a bigger impact on your brain and body.

The theory is that the body produces endocannabinoid to combat stress, while endorphins are activated in response to pain. The brain also receives more blood as the tissue is relaxed.

Differentiating between physical stress and discomfort may be hard. Experts recommend that you push yourself to run at a pace of 70 to 85 percent of your age-specified heart rate is best to spike these chemicals.

How To Get a Runner’s High

We have touched on what a runner’s high is – now how can you get it?

First, you must warm up because a good run needs a proper warm-up. You must stretch for a solid 10-15 minutes before running. This helps your body looser and more relaxed to bypass injuries.

Next, you must pick up the pace. You must find a speed that makes your body begin to resist, but you must be comfortable going that speed for a while. You want to go about 70 percent of your pace for an extended period.

You want to challenge yourself to achieve the runner’s high, but make sure you are doing it with ease to avoid injury. You want to maintain a steady pace for at least 20 minutes.

You want to have slower days as well. You don’t want to overtrain, which can ruin your running days. You will enjoy those slower runs more, which can actually increase your endorphins.

Another trick to get a running euphoria is to run with others. You can get more easily distracted by someone and will push yourself harder in return.

Other Tricks to Improve Runs

Running doesn’t have to be boring. You want to continue to enjoy your runs, or you will never feel that runner’s high. Here are some other tricks to help you enjoy hitting the pavement:

  • Pick different locations
  • Watch or participate in races to feel others euphoria
  • Zone out in the middle of your run
  • Run extra hard at the end
  • Eat a good meal beforehand

After you are done, think about how far you traveled. Be proud of your accomplishments and enjoy the rush of endorphins.

You may not get a runner’s high every time you run, but don’t give up. You need to line up factors such as intensity, stress levels, and a sense of accomplishment.

Try building up your endurance and pace yourself to work a little harder each run. Set your runtime for minutes and not distance. This may feel more achievable.

New to Running?

If you are a beginner, you may not feel this high immediately. Keep at it and push yourself and you will find it.

Why do you need to be experienced? New runners probably don’t run for one or two hours straight. The brain is using most of its energy to move efficiently and manage moving the right way.

Be sure you put a training plan together, so you can enjoy the benefits of running without injuring yourself.

Once you become experienced, your brain won’t be so busy trying to manage the right method of running. You will know what to do and can focus on pushing yourself.

Once you feel this high, you will be more motivated to continue to feel it again. This is why marathon runners keep going and want to do more.

Other Ways to Get the Runner’s High

If you don’t want to run, you may be able to achieve this high with other workouts such as biking or swimming. This high is from endurance, so you won’t attain this high with a short exercise but rather a longer more intense workout that challenges your stamina.

You don’t want to push too hard. Moderate intensity for a long period with any exercise is the best to achieve the runner’s high.

You want steady cardio to keep your heart rate elevated. So, if you rated your workout, you want to push yourself at a level of 6 on a scale of 10. Remember, you need the drill to last for longer period.

During any workout, you must make sure you have good posture to get the maximum benefits. Keep your shoulders relaxed and down. You also need to pull your belly button into your spine to engage your core.

People who exercise and run regularly experience less stress and depression, so there are many additional benefits.

Looking for Other Natural and Legal Ways to Get High?

We can help you! Now that you have read how to get a runner’s high, check out our blog to find the most natural ways to get the high, euphoric feeling legally.

If you have any exciting ideas, feel free to share them with us in the comments.

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