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Nutmeg High: How to Spice Up Your Life

Nutmeg is more than a household spice. It’s a super herb that will get you legally high.

Most people never get to experience the psychoactive magic of a nutmeg high because it’s so difficult to eat. But if you can force it down, the results are worth it.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the psychedelic side of nutmeg.

What is Nutmeg and Where Does It Come From?

Nutmeg is a spice. And it’s not just any spice; for centuries, nutmeg was the spice.

Brought to Europe by Arab traders in the twelfth century, nutmeg soon became a staple of European life. Europeans used it to flavor their meals, to preserve their food, to defend against the bubonic plague, and even to abort unwanted fetuses.

But there was a problem: Europe’s only source of nutmeg was on the other side of the globe.

Nutmeg is the ground up seed of an evergreen tree known as Myristica fragrans, a tree which, until recently, only grew on the Banda Islands in modern day Indonesia. You’ve probably heard them called “The Spice Islands.”

The European powers fought war after war over access to these valuable spice islands. Men gave their lives for nutmeg. At one point, it was the third most valuable commodity in the world after gold and silver.

Eventually, nutmeg production was expanded across the globe, and at the same time, the spice lost its allure. Europeans came up with better ways to preserve and spice their food.

These days, nutmeg is little more than a novelty spice. You might sprinkle it on top of your Christmas eggnog or include it as an ingredient in the occasional birthday cake. But other than that, you don’t give it a second thought.

Well, there’s more to nutmeg than meets the eye. It’s not just a novelty spice; nutmeg gets you high.

Nutmeg as a Drug

It’s likely that the first people to notice nutmeg’s psychoactive properties were pregnant women ingesting large amounts to cause an abortion. But nowadays, it’s mostly teenagers who get high on nutmeg. After all, it’s cheap, easy to access, and legal.

But we’re here to tell you that nutmeg isn’t just for teenagers. It can be an illuminating and euphoric experience at any age (as long as you’re a responsible adult).

So, how do you get high on nutmeg?

It’s easy; you eat it. You don’t have to smoke it, boil it, or inject it. Eat a few spoonfuls of nutmeg, and you’ll be high as a kite.

Now, of course, eating a couple spoonfuls of nutmeg is easier said than done. It’s a potent spice. A spoonful will go down like sawdust.

Some people recommend mixing it with something creamy like butter or ice cream, but no matter what you do, eating the nutmeg won’t be pleasant.

The next step is to wait. A nutmeg high usually takes a couple hours to arrive, but it can take as long as seven hours if you took it on a full stomach.

So, what’s the high actually like?

The Characteristics of a Nutmeg High

The first thing you’ll do is pay for your high. The nutmeg itself is cheap, but as soon as you eat it, you’ll start paying for it in nausea. If it gets bad, try eating something to settle your stomach.

After a couple of nauseous hours, the trip begins. Nutmeg trips are different for everyone, but there are some common threads.

A good trip will go something like this:

You’ll have auditory hallucinations that give intensity and even beauty to every sound. You’ll have colorful visual hallucinations that will turn into lucid dreams if you fall asleep. And, if you’re lucky, your ego will soften, and you’ll experience a pleasant feeling of interconnectedness.

You’ll lose your sense of time. Cause and effect will deteriorate; seconds will turn into minutes, which will turn into hours, and the hours will turn back into seconds again.

You’ll feel a strong sense of disassociation with your surroundings. You’ll be an observer of your life rather than a participant in it.

Everything will make you laugh. You’ll be giggly and happy from start to finish.

You may feel like you’re falling the entire time. But somehow, it’ll actually be enjoyable.

A good trip will make you want to keep coming back for more, even with nausea.

But unfortunately, not everyone has a good trip. Nutmeg is a fickle drug, and it can cause a variety of negative side-effects.

Many people experience nausea and vomiting from start to finish. Others experience intense feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness. And, for some, the hangover is horrible, including vomiting and diarrhea that can last up to two days.

For these users, nutmeg is a one time experience.

The only way to find out if nutmeg is for you is to it try out. A common tripping dose is three tablespoons, but if you’re nervous, you can start smaller. The good news is that nutmeg overdoses are very rare. You’ll vomit uncontrollably before you overdose. But be safe and don’t go over three tablespoons.

Whether your trip is good or bad, it will definitely make your mouth dry, so make sure you have a glass of water close by.

Where to Find Nutmeg

This is the easy part. Go to any grocery store and head to the spice aisle. If you want to be sure it will work, you can buy whole nutmeg.

When you get back to your house, grind the nutmeg into a fine powder, eat a few tablespoons, and clear your schedule.

Final Warning

A nutmeg high is completely legal, and for some people, it’s a wonderful experience. But we want to be clear when we say that nutmeg isn’t for everyone.

Don’t do nutmeg if you’re not comfortable with it, and don’t take more than your comfortable with.

If you decide to give a try, we hope you have a good time.

If you found this article helpful, go to our blog to learn more about how you can use household herbs to get legally high.

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