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The Marijuana Smoker’s Guide to Passing a Drug Test

While the coming legality of recreational marijuana use could bring with it the end of the employer drug test, for now, a lot of employers are still allowed to test. Whether or not you’re a daily smoker, hearing about a potential drug test could have marijuana smokers worried. Passing a drug test isn’t easy but it’s not impossible if you follow the right directions.

Here are four tips to ensure that you pass your next drug test without any trouble.

1. Don’t Expect to Use Excuses

While urine tests have been known to fail from time to time, it’s exceedingly rare. If you end up with positive results for marijuana, you’ll see lots of raised eyebrows when you question your positive result. If you’re wrongfully accused of marijuana use, it’s going to be so exceptional that you might have to seek retribution.

Labs tend to be very careful when testing for marijuana because this is taken so seriously. Once positive results are round, they’re often given a second round of testing with a spectrometer.

When they pass this second round, almost any conceivable chance of a false positive has been eliminated. There’s usually a higher chance of false negatives than false positives. Tests are very sensitive so many labs err on the side of a false negative than a false positive.

There are several substances that can inspire false positives in testing. ?Ibuprofen can interfere with marijuana testing in some older forms of drug testing. Even over the counter medications can cause false positives for illicit drugs.

While some people say that they can be around marijuana and absorb it, it won’t be strong enough to show up in a test. Passive exposure might result in a 25 ng/ml result at most.

2. Try a Flush

Some strategies for passing a urine test require you to flush out your entire system. The idea is that if you increase your fluid intake to an extreme degree and dilute any concentration of a drug that’s built up in your system. With such an extreme dilution, you can lower the threshold of detection down to a minuscule number.

About an hour before the test, many people will fill their bladder with water or other fluids that are high in vitamin C. However, there isn’t a lot of evidence to back up the idea that there’s any value in drinking vitamin C, vinegar, niacin, or any of the other substances recommended. Water should be enough.

If you’re drinking a lot of water before your test and working out, you might be wasting your time. You can’t speed up your metabolism to such an extreme degree.

When you give your test, never give your first urination of the morning. Drug metabolites will hang around and build up while you’re sleeping and yield a stronger positive result in the end.

While vitamin C might not be helpful, vitamin B-2 give you some practical results. If you’re drinking loads of water, you could make your test proctor suspicious with super clear urine. Vitamin B-2 will make your urine yellow and cloudy, helping you to pass a diluted sample easier.

3. Drug Screens Can Help

While it’s hard to subvert your body chemistry once you’ve has marijuana in your system, some substances can help to disguise your drug use. By altering your body chemistry, so-called drug screens can make it harder to tell you’ve got a drug in your system.

Unfortunately, the science is still out on these screens despite the fact that they proliferate at head shops and in marijuana magazines all over the place. Some people have found them helpful while others haven’t found the results conclusive.

Those that contain activated charcoal can help. It’s a well-known detoxifier and can help lower the metabolite levels if you’re a long-term user. Over the course of days or a few weeks, it can bring down the amount of marijuana found in your system.

Theoretically, lecithin, which is a food emulsifier, could be taken for a longer period of time. However, there is still very little evidence that it works.

Much of the excitement about these solutions is based around a combined regimen of drinking a lot of water. When you add water dilution to the mix, you could end up skewing the results by quite a lot.

4. You Could Always Tamper With the Sample

When getting it completely out of your system isn’t an option, there are alternative solutions that could end up giving you the result you want. You can dilute your urine all that you want but heavy users won’t be able to get by.

When you add adulterants to tamper with your urine or switch out urine, you can get exactly what you want. The only problem is the ethical issues that can arise. Also, sometimes samples are observed during urination, and so it’s hard to find a way to cheat.

Clean dehydrated urine is a fantastic substitute in many situations. Just be sure not to flub the urine temperature. It’s supposed to be relatively warm.

Some people add detergent, salt, or bleach to their sample to help confuse the test results. Some people have even reported having luck with adding a few drops of Visine.

If you want to know what to expect, try out a few dry runs with some drug test cups.

Passing a Drug Test Isn’t As Hard As You Think

So long as you live a fairly healthy lifestyle, it might be easier to pass a drug test than you think. Passing a drug test takes some careful and calculated planning but is well within your reach. Follow directions and you’ll be able to pass your next drug test without trouble.

If you need to substitute exercise for marijuana for a while, check out our guide for natural alternatives.

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