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Debunking the Dank: 10 Common Myths About Marijuana

Did you know more than 55 million people use marijuana? It’s gaining traction and legalization in the country. Some medical facilities even use it to help patients with pain relief.

That said, there is still a pervasive stigma surrounding the use of marijuana. There are many negative myths about marijuana that prevent people from enjoying it.

Not all myths are true. Not all these negative rumors are real.

Which ones are false? Which ones to ignore? Here’s a good look at some of the most popular myths and why they’re not true:

1. All Medical Marijuana Gets You High

This is the most common among myths about marijuana. Everyone assumes that because it’s marijuana, you’ll get high. Movies and television shows further spread this myth because they always depict patients getting high.

However, you don’t get high on all medical cannabis. This is because medical marijuana sometimes doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound that delivers a psychedelic hit. Take it away and marijuana becomes an ordinary medical herb.

Medical cannabis focuses instead on cannabidiol (CBD), the compound that helps with pain relief.

2. You Only Enjoy the Benefits from Smoking Marijuana

Another common weed myth is that you can only enjoy the high or medical benefits of marijuana from smoking it. That’s not true at all.

You can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in many different ways. Yes, there is the traditional method of rolling a joint but there are other options. If you want a small, medical dosage that is both easier to handle and legal try vaping or use edibles.

Vape oils or e-liquids are among the most popular options. Vaping is safer than smoking and you can enjoy a multitude of different flavors while also experiencing the medical kick from CBD oils.

Edibles take a little longer to prepare but they deliver a stronger kick. This is why some medical facilities give hemp brownies to patients.

3. Marijuana Makes You Violent

Pervasive among marijuana myths is the saying that marijuana makes people delinquent and violent. Parents warn their children that smoking pot or eating infused brownies will turn them into criminals.

However, this is not the case.

Keep in mind that cannabis plants serve as sedatives. They calm the brain and relax the muscles.

You can imagine how difficult it is to commit a crime when your brain wants you to lay down and chill. There are also studies further disproving marijuana as a factor for violent behavior.

4. Smoking and Edibles Work the Same Way

One of the most common myths illustrates vaping and edibles the same way. Some people think that smoking or eating marijuana deals the same kind of impact, in the same amount of time.

This is not true.

Smoking or vaping cannabis leads to a quick hit. You’ll feel the effects in minutes. The main downside, however, is that the effects don’t last long. You’ll feel the high or pain relief for a few minutes and then it’s gone.

Consuming edibles leads to the exact opposite effect. It can take thirty minutes to an hour before you feel the relief but once it hits, it lasts for hours. This is why medical facilities give hemp brownies to patients since the pain relief lasts for a while.

5. All Cannabis Plants are the Same

Marijuana and hemp are both included in the cannabis family but they are not the same. Despite what people say and the myths about marijuana, these two are not equal, especially in terms of medical benefits.

Hemp contains a strong level of CBD but not much THC. This means it serves as a great choice for medical pain relief. However, it isn’t the greatest choice if you want to take cannabis products to experience a psychedelic high.

If you want to get high, marijuana is the right pick. It contains a higher concentration of THC.

6. Raw Cannabis Works Fine

If you think grabbing any raw leaf of cannabis and chewing it to feel the effects, think again. Consuming raw cannabis doesn’t do anything because you have to cook the plant to release the chemical compounds within.

Even smoking requires you to dry out marijuana before you can use it. If you try to smoke raw cannabis, the leaves won’t burn right and you won’t be able to inhale the chemicals.

7. Marijuana Causes Cancer

Another common myth is that marijuana causes cancer. People often associate cancer with anything they don’t understand or presume to be dangerous. This way of thinking also applies to marijuana.

There are no scientific studies and confirmed facts that indicate marijuana causes cancer.

You would think that smoking marijuana has the same risk of causing lung cancer as cigarettes. However, research shows that this is not the case. The main reason behind this is that tobacco cigarettes contain a lot of dangerous chemicals, called carcinogens.

Marijuana doesn’t have these chemicals.

8. Marijuana is More Dangerous Than Alcohol and Cigarettes

How often should you smoke weed? The goal is to enjoy the benefits but not harm your lungs.

Most enthusiasts only smoke one or two pipes or joints a day.

This is significantly less than the amount of cigarettes traditional smokers consume per day. As mentioned, marijuana doesn’t have the carcinogens that cigarettes carry, making it less risky in terms of causing cancer. Also, keep in mind that marijuana relaxes the mind.

Alcohol, on the other hand, damages the brain and the liver. Too much of it and your kidneys will suffer too. Getting intoxicated also means you’re more likely to black out, cause violence, or both.

9. Marijuana is a Gateway Drug

People often believe that marijuana is a gateway drug. Some think that those who try marijuana are more likely to start experimenting with other types of drugs, such as cocaine or heroin.

This is not true.

Studies show that marijuana is not a gateway drug. There is no change in the likelihood of someone trying more dangerous drugs before or after they give marijuana a shot.

10. Marijuana Kills Brain Cells

No, marijuana does not kill brain cells. There are no studies or any scientific evidence hinting that this can happen.

Like many myths, this one likely came from people who have no experience or scientific background regarding marijuana. These negative myths originate from people who only want to campaign against it.

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