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8 Myths About CBD We Need to Put to Rest Now

CBD is quickly becoming the newest sensation, and you’re curious to know what’s up with all the hype.

You’ve asked around and did your own research, but different sources are telling you different things, and they just don’t seem to add up.

There are a number of different takes on CBD, and many of them are more than slightly exaggerated.

That’s why it’s good you came to us. We’ll fill you in on all the CBD facts and help you separate them from the myths.

Separating CBD Facts from Fiction

We’ve made a list of 8 myths you’ve probably heard about–and ones that need to be put to bed. Read on to find out more.

CBD Oils are Psychoactive

This is a myth that we hear all the time.

Most people believe that anything weed-derived must have the ability to send you to the moon with every dose or hit, and that’s simply not true with CBD oils.

Real CBD oil is produced from fibrous-grade plants called Cannabis Sativa L., which contain no more than 0.2 percent of THC. This level of THC is simply too low to produce any potential psychoactive effects.

In other words, CBD oil is a type of medical marijuana that doesn’t get you high.

It’s a Miracle Cure

While there have certainly been a number of medical confirmations that prove CBD oil and cannabis, in general, do help to treat certain conditions, there is currently no proof that they can completely cure them.

When CBD oils are used on a sickened patient, they function primarily as an immune response regulator. This means that the oils can make your immune system stronger, giving the body the power it needs to fight back.

Tests are still running to see if curing some diseases could actually be a thing, but for now, it seems that treating the symptom is our best option–which is more than we can say for most other medications out there.

CBD Oil comes from Cannabis Indica

What’s so ironic about this idea is that it’s actually flipped.

Cannabis Indica is a specific strain of weed that gives you a legit high. Many Cannabis vendors know this and try to sell the oil under this name to entice those who are looking for their next high.

But really, CBD oil is made from Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica is a subspecies. While Indica will most certainly get you high, Sativa will do very little in that department. Sorry, guys.

It’s Only Legal in Certain States

Did you know that there was a way to create CBD oil without relying on marijuana?

There is a type of CBD oil made using hemp instead of marijuana (and before you ask, yes–they are two very different things). This CBD oil is legal in all 50 states for purchase and consumption.

On the other hand, CBD oil made from marijuana is obviously only legal in states that have legalized the consumption of marijuana. If you live outside these states, know that you still have other options.

Kids Can’t Have Any

Despite what your moral standards may be, CBD oils are harmless to children. In fact, the health benefits that it offers adults could also help children.

As said before, CBD oils produce very little psychoactive effects, and they don’t eat away at your brain like you’ve been lead to believe.

The oils could help your kids if they have problems like anxiety or depression, among other medical problems. Plus unlike most prescription drugs, CBD oils are from a completely natural plant and will produce minimal (if any) side effects.

Moral of the story: don’t hold out on your kids.

All CBD Oils Can be Used in Both Vape and on the Tongue Methods

This is a myth that’s actually dangerous to any user who thinks this way.

There are two types of CBD oils: one that you can smoke in a vape, and one that you can take orally, and these are sold separately for a distinctive reason.

CBD oils for vaping go through a process that makes them super thin (as CBD oil is naturally syrupy) so it’s possible for them to be heated and vaped.

Natural CBD oil is left in its thickened state since it’s supposed to be orally ingested, and most people find it simple to gulp it down without thinning it out.

Placing natural oil in your vape is obviously bad for your equipment, but using vaping CBD oil orally is even worse.

The ingredients used to break down and thin out the oil are not supposed to be ingested and will lead to some bad results for the user if it is.

CBD Turns into THC in Your Stomach and Gets You High

This is a myth that was probably thought up by the same people who believe that CBD is only made from the marijuana plant.

While some THC is produced after ingestion, the levels of it are so minuscule that it cannot cause you to get high, no matter how hard you try. Moreover, any THC that is detected is only present prior to urinating it out.

In short, you can use CBD oil to your heart’s content without worrying about tripping out.

I Need a Prescription, Right?

This is totally wrong.

Due to its lack of side effects, as well as its ability to help treat general symptoms like anxiety and depression (among other things) CBD oils are available without needing a prescription.

That means you can walk in, grab an over-the-counter bottle of oil, and keep it pushing. Or better yet, you can purchase CBD oil from a ton of online sites–and it’s all completely legal and open to everyone.

All the Ways to Get Legally High

Now that you’ve got your CBD facts straight, you should stop by our site and see what else you can learn from us. When it comes to finding all the ways to get a legal high, we are definitely the people you should check out.

We know all of the ways you can get legally high with cannabis, as well as ways to get high with herbs, herbal supplements, and even with drug-free highs like exercise.

Want to do a little site browsing of your own? Don’t worry, we can get you started.

There’s a lot to learn about the word of legal highs, and it’s about time you got with the program. We’ll see you soon.

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