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CBD Oil and Birth Control: Does Cannabis Interact With Contraceptives?

Are you on the pill?

If you’re on contraceptives, you might have heard that CBD might affect you in various ways. So, what’s the deal?

Here is everything you need to know about CBD oil and birth control.

Hormonal Contraception and CBD Basics

CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the plant of cannabis. Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is linked to our nervous system, our immune system, and our hormones. Endocannabinoids play a role in appetite, mood, mental functions, and the perception of pain. There are many ways to take CBD, such as CBD Vape Pens from Synergy Extracts.

Hormonal contraception refers to a birth control method that relies on manipulating certain hormones in a woman’s body. The most common hormonal contraception is the pill, which is a combination of hormones.

CBD Oil and Birth Control Facts

First of all, there is no solid data on whether or not CBD affects the efficacy of birth control. Scientists are still studying the effects of CBD on our metabolism and hormonal balance.

What is known is that CBD may increase what is known as spotting. Spotting refers to bleeding a few drops of blood between menstrual circles.

In 2011, scientists showed that CBD may inhibit certain enzymes and hormones that are indirectly responsible for the effect of birth control pills. The study implies that CBD interacts with the process of birth control, but the exact effect is not yet clear.

Common Misconceptions

As we’ve seen above, there is almost zero evidence on the effects of CBD on birth control. What we know however is that smoking does increase the risk of blood clotting in women who take birth control pills.

This means that both marijuana and tobacco are dangerous for women who are on the pill. However, this applies only when you smoke them. Since you can take marijuana and cannabis products in other ways, the risk of blood clotting becomes irrelevant.

People today can get their CBD through tinctures, edibles, vapes, topicals and many others. People who seek to get high from cannabis products can also find legal and safe ways to do so that don’t involve smoking it.

The effect of CBD on hormonal contraception is not known. Sources that claim otherwise often rely on anecdotal evidence. However, research is currently underway on the many effects of CBD on the body. The verdict is still out on whether CBD affects birth control at all, and if that interaction is negative or positive.

If you are on the pill, your doctor might advise you not to take CBD. If that happens, follow their advice, even if you don’t plan on smoking.

Enjoy Your Highs Smartly and Legally

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