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The Secret Ingredient to Athletic Recovery: THC Supplements

There has been a host of controversy over Marijuana for decades. Recent years have turned the tide in favor of the illegal plant, and in some shocking ways.

Out of all the supporters to back research and development into cannabis products, the last one you might suspect is hardcore athletes.

Yet, many athletes at all levels of competition are using more and more THC supplements.

What caused this shift in support? Let’s look at the details.

Athletics and THC Supplements

Even the casual athlete knows that constant workout routines and intense training play havoc on the body. Add in stress from competitions, and each athlete can be a ticking time bomb.

The relaxing effects of THC and other chemicals in the marijuana plant alone could provide a great stress relief between sessions. Add in the pain-dulling effects, and you have a winner for a great recovery supplement.

Some athletes have started to take it before a workout to preempt any problems afterward.

The Science Behind THC and CBD

The connection between athletics, muscle growth, and cannabis are still uncertain. The vast majority of funding into researching the cannabis chemicals refer to the psychedelic effects of the chemicals.

That said, CBD recently left the World Doping Agency’s banned list, but THC is still on there. The difference between the two is that THC is the main cause of the aforementioned psychedelic effects.

CBD has become the focus of a lot of recent health products. The chemical focuses on pain relief and can often reduce stress. This comes with no psychoactive effects.

Cannabis Supplements

There is a large variety of supplements made from all parts of the cannabis plant. While many of the recreational ones contain THC, there is a boon of health products that contain less psychoactive materials.

CBD products come in salves, tinctures, pills, gummies, protein powders, drinks, and even bath additives.

Hemp Oil

One product that has been gaining a lot of attention is hemp oil.

Hemp oil can reduce inflammation, stress, and joint pain. While it is still illegal until all of the cannabis plant becomes legalized, it is gaining a lot of traction among athletes.

No Pain, All Gain

Athletes have been pushing for this new type of supplement for a while. The buzz overall natural supplements have been building for a few decades, and most CBD and THC supplements are pure plant products.

As many others get more used to CBD products in this way, the demand will drive both legalization and research.

As of yet, though, the science for all of the benefits hasn’t had absolute proof given to them. There are still plenty of anecdotes and details that are driving people to want to try them.

The High Life

The battle to get legalization for marijuana and all the products tied to it is a continuous thing. The legitimacy of THC supplements for athletes and others may help to spur that change.

In the meantime, there is a lot of information to be had on marijuana and its use. If you are eager for more information, contact us today!

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