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Dab-It-Yourself: How to Make Your Own Marijuana Wax

Whether you agree with the legality or not, everyone is curious about marijuana.

What it really feels like to be high. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re curious too, if not an enthusiast already.

Unfortunately, smoking marijuana no longer makes you a rebel. Nearly 55 million Americans are already . . . partaking.

However, there’s a new style of consuming marijuana that is just now becoming popular. It’s called dabbing and involves smoking THC resin rather than the dried herb itself.

This new wax is easier to handle and much stronger than simply lighting your hash ablaze.

And guess what? You can make it at home!! Keep reading to discover two different ways to make dabs and try them for yourself.

What Is Marijuana Wax (Dabs)?

Before we get into creating this new wax, let’s find out what it is and why it’s so popular.

Weed wax (or dabs) is a resin form of marijuana. Similar to the vaping process, the fresh, unburnt marijuana leaf is heated until it releases the THC oil. Some are beginning to prefer this method over smoking the lead herb directly because it is so much more potent. Joints only deliver around fifty percent THC while the wax yields anywhere from seventy-five to ninety-five percent, a colossal difference.

This stronger yield is a result of the heated extraction vs burning the entire leaf. When you smoke marijuana, you consume the cellulose, sugar, and irritants. Extracting the resin and discarding the leaf itself will bypass these components and leave you with a potent, pure wax.

Once the resin is extracted, it can be consumed in almost the same way as normal marijuana. People vaporize it, smoke it, add small pieces to a normal join, and even (in its purest form) ingested directly.

Now, there are two sides to every coin. Because weed wax is still fairly new, some people aren’t convinced that it is the best source for THC.


1. Because wax is more potent, you can use less to get a stronger and even hallucinogenic high.

2. The higher strength provides more effective pain relieve than simply smoking the herb. People who use marijuana solely to control pain can use less and make their supply last much longer.

3. Because the resin is so pure, it has been used to treat withdrawals from alcohol, opiates, and other stimulants.


1. As mentioned above, wax is much more potent than the herb alone. If you aren’t careful, it’s quite easy to consume too much. Overdoses have not been proven fatal, but they will definitely spoil your night.

2. Butane, the chemical used to create high-quality wax, is extremely flammable. If the extraction isn’t properly ventilated, the results can be catastrophic and even deadly.

Everything inn life is what you make it. Whichever of the methods below you choose, simply be smart and do what you think is best.

How To Make Marijuana Dabs

There are multiple ways to extract resin from marijuana, and today we’re going to go over the two most well-known. The first and far easier, known as the Rosin Technique, is for those who are either on a budget or in a pinch. While the process is easier, it’s less professional and lower quality.

The second method is called BHO or Butane Hash Oil. This method creates a higher quality resin and should be performed only by trained professionals who have a deep knowledge of chemistry.

Rosin Technique

For this simple and inexpensive technique, you’ll only need a few items that you might already have in your home.

  • dried marijuana (obviously)
  • parchment paper
  • an oven mitt
  • single edged razor blade
  • flat iron with temperature display
  • scale (optional for distribution)

Before beginning, set your flat iron to 330 degrees and leave it to heat up. Next, separate two grams of your hash into four equal parts.

Then take a medium-sized piece of parchment paper, fold it in half, and place one half-gram nugget in the middle.

Using the nugget for heat protection, place the parchment paper and nugget in between the flat iron and press for three seconds.

After carefully removing the paper, you should find a resin stain. Move thee heated nugget to a different spot on the paper and repeat the process. You should be able to get two separate resin stains out of each blessed nugget.

Immediately after pressing each nugget, use your razor blade to separate from the herb and place on a different sheet of parchment paper to dry.

And that’s all she wrote! Once the wax has dried, you’re good to go!

BHO (Butane Hash Oil)

This method is more complicated, but for the prepared and knowledgeable, it provides a much better quality wax. The items you’ll need are also more expensive.

  • one ounce of uncut marijuana
  • an extraction tube
  • one can of Butane
  • electric range or double boiler
  • parchment paper
  • single edged razor blades
  • coffee filter
  • Pyrex container for collecting the wax

First, pack your extractor with dried marijuana. Pack it tightly enough that the Butane will saturate the entire inside, but not so tight that it creates air pockets.

One end of your extractor will have a hole, and the other end will have a cap and several layers of filters (the coffee filter is listed for homemade filters). Hold your extractor over the Pyrex container and very slowly spray the Butane into the top hole until the canister is empty.

This is the very dangerous step. If you’re doing this at home, be sure to spray the Butane outside and far away from any electronic of place of residence. Butane is extremely flammable.

Once the canister is emptied and the Pyrex has collected the fallen wax, fill the double boiler with water and place on an electric stove (ABSOLUTELY NO GAS STOVES!!). Place the Pyrex in the top half of the boiler and wait for the Butane to evaporate. This will leave you with the pure wax.

Once the resin stops bubbling, you’ll know that most of the Butane is gone. If you stop the process before then, you may end up consuming some of the Butane, which can cause serious lung problems.

If you want to be absolutely sure that all of the Butane is removed, most professionals finish up by putting the wax in a pressurized vacuum purge. An expensive but effective tool for long-term use.

Once all of t his is completed, use the razor blades to scrape the resin from the bottom of the Pyrex and place on a sheet of wax paper. Once it dries, it’s finally good to use!

Give It A Try

It might seem intimidating, but anyone with a flat iron and some parchment paper and knows how to make dabs for themselves. Because the amount necessary for a decent high is much smaller, those wanting to be responsibly and legally consume marijuana can do so without having mags and grinders lying around everywhere.

Be sure to read our other blogs about effective and legal ways to get high, and contact us with any questions you might have.

And no matter how you decide to get high, above all else, be sure to have a good time!

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