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Where Can You Legally Smoke Weed in the United States in 2018?

The movement to legalize marijuana has grown in recent years. The support for both medical and recreational use crosses party lines.

Even former House Speaker, John Boehner, has come out to support its legalization.

With laws changing quickly, it’s hard to know in which state it’s legal to smoke weed. As of now, 29 states allow the use of medical marijuana. Nine states and Washington DC allow the use of recreational weed.

Even though the number of states with legal recreational weed laws is growing, what they all have in common is that you can only smoke weed in private and you have to be over 21. However, how much you can have on hand varies.

So here’s the lowdown as to where weed is legal in the US.


If you’re over the age of 21, you can use, possess, and transport up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational use.

Alaska has jumped on this opportunity by making its recreational pot shops a destination for tourists. At home, you can grow no more than six plants, with three flowering.

However, it’s not okay to smoke in public, and you can only buy or sell it through licensed dispensaries.


If you’re over 21, you can possess up to one ounce and eight grams of concentrate (edibles). California residents can grow no more than six plants at home.

However, some cities in the Central Valley, such as Fresno and Bakersfield, have banned its recreational sales.

You can’t smoke weed publicly anywhere in the state.


In Colorado, there are 440 recreational marijuana dispensaries, more than Starbucks and McDonald’s locations combined.

Along with Washington, it was one of the first two states to fully legalize weed.

You can buy up to an ounce or eight grams of concentrates, although some counties and cities have placed restrictions on these laws.

As of January of this year, you can grow 12 plants, twice the amount of other states.

You can only smoke weed on private property. But some properties, such as hotels, have increased business by allowing recreational use.


One of the newest states to legalize marijuana, Maine allows possession of two and a half ounces. That’s more than twice the amount of other states.

You can also grow up to six flowering plants, 12 immature plants, and an unlimited amount of seedlings.

Nonetheless, you can’t buy it in Maine due to a vetoed bill that would have regulated and taxed the sale of recreational weed. And you can’t smoke weed in public.


You can use an ounce of marijuana and five grams of edibles, and grow up to 12 plants in Massachusetts.

At home, you can have the plentiful amount of 10 ounces of weed. Although there was a delay of pot shops opening, as of July of this year, that all will change.

Things are still up in the air as far as buying and selling weed. It could soon be that local officials will have the power to ban dispensaries in their counties without a public vote.

The state is also trying to place high taxes on it. All in all, what seems like a good thing has become a bit of a challenge when it comes to smoking weed in Massachusetts.


Like most other states, you can have an ounce of marijuana in Nevada. However, you can only have one-eighth of an ounce of edibles.

The bad news is that marijuana is hard to come by in Nevada. Also, in order to be eligible for a grower’s license, you must live 25 miles outside the nearest dispensary.

And you’d think that out of all the states, Nevada would be the one to allow public smoking. But no, you can only smoke weed on private property.

However, some hotels do allow it. Rumors say that there may soon be some marijuana resorts opening up on the Strip.


You can carry an ounce of weed, have eight ounces at home, and grow up to four plants in Oregon. You can also give edibles as gifts. You could be the best Secret Santa ever!

In 2017, the state helped fund schools, public health initiatives, state police, and local government with $85 million in marijuana tax revenue.

So, where can you smoke weed? Sadly, only at home, not in public.


Beginning in July, you will be able to carry up to an ounce of marijuana in Vermont. But you can only grow two plants for recreational use.

In addition, the new law doesn’t allow for production and sale of the drug.


Again, you can buy an ounce of marijuana and carry up to six. You can also possess 16 ounces of cannabis-infused solid and 72 ounces of cannabis-infused liquids.

If you want to grow weed, then you must need the drug for medicinal purposes. Washington is the only state with this kind of growing limit. So you can smoke weed, but not grow it for fun.

No public smoking is allowed.

Washington DC

Our senators and congressmen can possess two full ounces of weed just like anyone else in the District of Columbia. You can also gift up to an ounce of it and grow six plants. But you can’t buy or sell weed anywhere in our nation’s capital.

And you won’t catch anyone smoking weed on the White House lawn or anywhere else in public.

What States Will Be Next to Allow You to Smoke Weed?

The taxes on marijuana revenues continue to support schools and local resources, and the medical benefits go without saying. So new state laws are inevitable.

It looks like New Jersey is very close to allowing residents to smoke weed. In fact, it was part of Governor Phil Murphy’s campaign.

Michigan too is likely to have a marijuana initiative on November’s ballot, and it has significant support.

Oklahoma, Virginia, Missouri, and Utah are next in line.

After that, goals are to decriminalize possession, provide for more opportunities to grow and sell, and finally, allow for public smoking.

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