Pot Smoking Accessories

Get Lit: 5 Essential Pot Smoking Accessories

In the US, 12% of adults smoke weed. 

If you’re part of this statistic then it’s a good idea to own the right pot smoking accessories. Having the right marijuana tools will greatly improve your experience!

In this article, we’ll look at five of the best weed accessories. Let’s get started:

1. Dugout Pipes Are Essential 

This is one of the most popular pieces of kit for smoking weed. A dugout pipe provides a smooth, very powerful hit!

It’s easy to find a cheap dugout pipe, but spending a little extra money will ensure you get a beautiful pipe that suits your vibe and comes with a useful storage compartment.

2. A Long-Lasting Grinder

If you’re a pot smoker, you know how important it is to break up your weed. Doing this in any form other than with a grinder can be messy. Don’t be tempted to use your fingers.

Instead, there are now grinders with up to four chambers. But, the most important aspect of a grinder is how hardwearing it is.

Choosing a durable grinder is the best way to ensure it lasts for a long time. You’ll be carrying this around with you, so make sure you opt for a good quality piece of kit. 

3. A Weed Vaporizer

Why not consider a more pleasant experience by moving from smoking to vaporizing? This is a subtle way to smoke weed and provides a satisfying feeling. 

If you’re not a regular pot smoker, then this option may be too intense. But, for those who are seasoned smokers, a vaporizer is a great bit of kit to add to your set.

You’ll need to choose between convection and conduction vapes. Expect more hassle and money with a convection vape but a much better hit. Don’t forget to do your research before spending a large sum of money on a vape.

4. Don’t Forget Pipe Screens

There is nothing worse than wasting weed! If you smoke a bong or a pipe, you may find that your weed is not igniting evenly. 

A pipe screen will seriously help with this. These pieces of kit aren’t expensive but will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run! Check out reviews online before you buy them.

5. Containers for Travel

If you plan to carry your weed on you, then it’s a good idea to have a dedicated container so that you don’t lose it! Again, this tool can save you a lot of money. 

Nowadays, there are containers that stop your weed from smelling, containers that have a built-in grinder, and those that are just a really cool shape.

Pot Smoking Accessories Are Numerous

Whether you smoke weed for fun or for pain management, the best way to ensure a good hit is to invest in the best pot smoking accessories.

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