CBG Products

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then you probably know a good deal about THC and CBD. THC and CBD are the major active compounds in the cannabis plant. While THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana, the effects of CBD are more therapeutic and medicinal. One lesser-known compound in the cannabis plant that’s deserving of your attention is CBG. CBG or cannabigerol is an active compound in the CBD plant that exists in lesser concentrations than its counterparts. Recently, there has been widespread interest in CBG, and cannabis enthusiasts are rushing to find out what is CBG. As mentioned earlier, CBD is among theRead More →

CBD Effect on Brain

What are your brain cells saying? Brain cells communicate with each other using neurochemicals and receptors. The receptors help determine things like your mood and learning abilities. So whether your hungry, happy, or anxious, it’s all thanks to messages your brain cells are sending. By taking CBD you can alter the messages your brain cells are sending. As a result, CBD can help treat a wide variety of health issues! However, if you ‘re not aware of how it works, you might be hesitant to try CBD. To help you learn all about CBD effects on brain, we’ve created this short but complete guide. We’ll outlineRead More →

Woman Meditating

3 out of 4 Americans said they had at least one stress symptom in the last month. Not only can anxiety cause unrest, but it can also cause other health issues as well, such as insomnia and fatigue. It’s perfectly natural to have some degree of stress in your life. What’s important is you know how to manage it so you don’t wear yourself out. But how can you do so without relying on more harmful things, like prescription medications? To help you out, here are 7 tips to get that naturally calm feeling. 1. Meditate Meditation is a great way to take a step back fromRead More →

CBD Oils

A survey found one in seven adults use CBD products. Our nation loves CBD but we must find high-quality products otherwise it could put our health at risk. If you’re eager to discover CBD but aren’t sure how to find high-quality products, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five things to look for. 1. Extracted Through Alcohol or CO₂ Substandard CBD manufacturers use toxic chemicals like propane, butane, pentane, or hexane to make CBD. As a result, they leave behind dangerous contaminants harmful to your health. Reputable CBD manufacturers use ethanol, or grain alcohol, to remove toxins and residues from the base hempRead More →