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How to Smoke Cannabis Using a One-Hitter

In the age of curated ads and customizable products, why wouldn’t you personalize your smoking experience?

Finding the right tools to meet your needs is the best way to get the most out of a product, like cannabis.

For some people, hitting a dab rig is their preferred way.

Others may want something more simple, discreet, and transportable. It’s here that we introduce the one-hitter.

Keep reading to find out how to use a one-hitter for the best smoking experience.

What Is a One-Hitter?

As the name implies, a one-hitter is a type of pipe that allows you to smoke the substance in one hit.

They are often referred to as a “bat” or a “chillum” in the smoking world. Basically, it’s a small pipe made of glass, stone, or wood.

One-hitters are usually designed with the mouthpiece on one end, the bowl (i.e. the place where you put the smokables) on the other, and a small tube that connects the two.

There are many variations and designs of one-hitters on the market.

Some allow you to pack up to a full gram (1,000 milligrams) or more of dried product in the bowl. Others are much smaller.

There are chillums that have the bowl on top of the tube rather than on the end, making it easier to see when you’re lighting up.

In general, the longer the tube or pipe, the less heat you will experience when you smoke it.

You should choose a one-hitter based on your personal needs. If you want to take the smallest hit possible, opt for a pipe with a small bowl.

If you want an extremely discreet experience, you may decide to get one that is designed to look like a cigarette.

There are endless options on the piece you choose as well as what you choose to smoke.

What You Smoke in a One-Hitter

You can smoke a variety of dried plant matter in one-hitters.

You may want to smoke cannabis that gets you “high” and provides other beneficial effects. This will include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) strains like Cannabis IndicaCannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Research if these strains are legal in your state before consuming them so you know the risks.

If you’re looking for more medicinal effects rather than a “high”, you may want to smoke CBD (cannabidiol) flower.

CBD typically comes from the strain Cannabis Sativa L., otherwise known as the hemp plant. Be aware that there still may be a little bit of THC in the flower unless otherwise noted, as the legal limit is 0.3% THC and lower for CBD products.

The only way you can get the benefits of cannabis is to heat it up. This is because the dried flower contains precursors of THC and CBD (respectively, THCA and CBDA). These precursors transform through the process of decarboxylation.

Although it sounds complicated, decarboxylation is simply the process of heating up the flower.

This is why you can’t expect to get “high” from simply eating cannabis flower raw.

In addition to cannabis, it’s said that you can smoke certain dried herbs and tobacco in a one-hitter. Do your research, as there’s little federal regulation or advise on using these products.

How to Use a One-Hitter For Cannabis

The process of using a one-hitter is much more simple than most other smoking methods.

Pack the Bowl

First, you’ll want to prepare your cannabis. You don’t want to grind it up into fine pieces but you do want to break it up quite a bit.

The easiest way to pack the bowl is to prepare the cannabis and put it in a small container. There, you can lightly press the bowl of the one-hitter into the pile.

Wiggle it around and press it in a few times. This will pack your bowl tight enough to ensure cannabis won’t fall out when you go to smoke.

There’s a sweet spot between not packing it enough (resulting in cannabis falling out) and packing it too tight (resulting in not enough airflow). Practice makes perfect.

Get Ready to Smoke

After you’ve packed the bowl, grab your lighter and put the mouthpiece to your lips.

Try to light the flower quickly while keeping the flame as far away from the pipe as possible. This will help keep the one-hitter from becoming too hot to touch.

You should inhale softly and hold the smoke in your lungs for the best results.

Depending on the size of your bowl, you may need to take a few drags or re-light the cannabis.

“Cash” the Bowl

The smoking community refers to a cashed bowl as one that can’t be smoked anymore.

You’ll know you’ve gotten the most out of your product when the cannabis appears black or grey. If there’s any green left, you can take another hit.

If you do, it might not taste as good as the first hit, as there’s some cannabis that’s already cashed in the bowl.

Once it’s all done, simply tap the cashed bowl out. You may have a container to put it in or you may do it on the ground outside, stomping it out to ensure you don’t start any fires.

Sometimes the smoked product will stay in the bowl, requiring that you dig it out with a stick or a paperclip.

Yes — it’s as easy as three steps. No need to continuously buy papers, use a torch, or carry around extra equipment.

You will, however, want to do a deep cleaning every so often.

Give the One-Hitter Occasional Deep Cleanings

For a cleaner and tastier smoke, deep clean your chillum regularly to get off the burned residual, or resin, from cannabis.

To do this, empty the bowl and wash it with warm water. Then place it in a container that can close.

Fill the container with rubbing alcohol and about a tablespoon of salt. Give it a good shake, let it sit for a few minutes, and drain the container.

Rinse your one-hitter with warm water again and let it air dry.

If you have really mucky spots, you can use a pipe cleaner to scrape off the resin.

Why Use a One-Hitter?

The main benefits of using a one-hitter are easy to see, once you know how it works.

They’re small, simple to use and carry, and are low-key compared to other methods. You can them while traveling or use it to conserve your stash at home.

To learn more about the pros and cons of using a one-hitter, check out this article that fills you in on the history and different types you can choose from.

Happy Smoking

Now that you know how to use a one-hitter, you can decide if it’s something you want for your daily or traveling smoke sessions.

Keep reading our blog for more information on all of life’s highs to elevate your day-to-day existence.

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