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6 Essential Weed Accessories That Are Changing the Smoke Game

The true weed connoisseur is always looking for new and interesting ways to expand their collection and up their smoking experience. With so many accessories out there though, it can be hard to know what’s worth it.

To help you out, here are some of the best weed accessories available now.

1. 24K Rolling Papers

If you want to smoke in style, get a little bougie with the 24K rolling papers. They’re made from edible 24K gold and a hemp base, giving you a smooth smoking experience and a joint that’s sure to impress everyone at the session. 

2. Hemper Keeper

Nobody wants to carry a grinder, bud, and everything else around with them everywhere. The Hemper Keeper is a convenient all-in-one storage system for your bud. It’s smell-proof, has a chamber for storing your herb, and a grinder built into the top for quick and discreet grinding.

This thing will easily fit in your jacket pocket or purse, perfect for travel. It also offers great real estate for some fun and cool cannabis labels.

3. Ardent Nova Decarb Machine

If you’re into edibles but can’t be bothered with the long process of preparing them, the Ardent Nova Decarb Machine is your answer. Put your bud inside and it’ll do the rest of the work, getting it to that perfect decarb temperature and ready to infuse into all sorts of edibles. It’s lab-proven to preserve THC better than decarbing in an oven, so this one’s really a no-brainer for the edible connoisseur.

4. OTTO Electric Herb Grinder

Now, this is something else. The Otto is a joint-rolling robot that’ll get you a tight, perfect joint every time. Put your herb in the top and an empty cone in the bottom and Otto will mill it for you, and fill the cone perfectly every time.

Rolling joints has never been easier than this.

5. Grav Labs Glass Blunt

The Grav Labs glass blunt is probably the best glass blunt on the market. It’s got a collapsible mouthpiece for travel convenience, and an easy-to-fill chamber that’ll hold a session or more’s worth of bud. If you’ve ever wanted a quick blunt that won’t go out like other glass blunts, go with the Grav Labs.

6. Santa Cruz Grinder

There are a lot of grinders out there to choose from, but none offer the same quality grind as Santa Cruz. It offers a textured grip, sharp teeth that won’t get chunks of weed stuck in them, and a keef catcher so you aren’t wasting any of those sweet crystals. You won’t be disappointed when you invest in a Santa Cruz grinder.

Choosing the Best Weed Accessories

Depending on the kind of smoker you are will depend on what accessories you’re going to want and need. If you’re looking to expand your collection and your smoking horizons, though, choosing from some of the best weed accessories on the market like those above will never disappoint.

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