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Rub the Pain Away: 11 Shocking Benefits of CBD Oil and CBD Pain Cream for Chronic Pain

Marijuana seems to appear in the news for one reason or another on a daily basis these days.

Most recently, cannabis has taken the spotlight with the passage of laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use in states like Colorado and Washington.

But now it’s back on the front page after new discoveries on the medical benefits of CBD pain cream.

A study analysis published in the Journal of Pain Research found that CBD creams can be effective in reducing pain caused by multiple sclerosis and damage to the nervous system.

Encouraging for fans of medical marijuana, the study also concluded that the CBD creams studied have “a good safety profile.”

You’ll be surprised by just how far the extent of uses for CBD creams seem to go. Read on to discover 11 benefits of CBD pain creams and CBD oils.

You just may discover it could be worth giving them a try yourself.

What Is CBD Pain Cream?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in marijuana. Unlike the main psychoactive chemical of the plant, THC, CBD does not cause the sensation of being high. It has, however, been shown to have significant medical benefits.

CBD pain cream consists of this extract from the plant, along with THC in some of the creams you can find, blended with other herbal pain relievers like lemongrass essential oils.

So What, Exactly, Is It Used For?

From just the early studies conducted to date, researchers have found a multitude of CBD cream and CBD oil benefits. The results suggest there could be much more discovery to come.

1. Pain Relief

Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis reported less pain and better sleep associated with the use of CBD cream.

Pain relief is probably the most common use for CDB. If you experience discomfort from muscle, joint, or other pain, you may want to learn more about how to use CBD for pain management.

2. Seizures

As of 2018, the FDA has already approved the medical use of CBD for patients suffering from certain forms of epilepsy.

3. Anxiety

Early studies indicate that CBD has had anti-anxiety effects. One study saw positive results for participants while public speaking, and a case study on a participant diagnosed with PTSD.

4. Depression

It appears CBD can have the effect of activating serotonin, a mood-regulating neurotransmitter naturally occurring in the brain.

5. Substance Abuse

CBD has been shown to affect systems of brain function related to drug addiction. A study performed on rats resulted in a reduction in morphine dependency. 

6. Chronic Inflammation

Another study performed on rats has shown that application of CBD oil has resulted in a reduction of joint and other inflammation in rats.

7. Heart Health

Some doctors believe that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties suggest it may have a helpful effect for those suffering from cardiovascular disease.

8. Diabetes

It is those same anti-inflammatory properties of CBD that could benefit patients with diabetes.

9. Skincare

There have been reports from those using CBD products that their skin has cleared and acne outbreaks lessened.

10. Unchecked Cell Growth

CBD oil’s potential for reducing excessive cell growth in tumors caused by cancer, as well as causing the death of certain cancer cells, is cited by the American Cancer Society.

11. Potential Antipsychotic Effects

Potentially promising research has also been undertaken in patients with schizophrenia.

What’s Next? 

There is still much to learn in further scientific trials. The full extent of the benefits and risks that may be associated with CBD pain cream are yet to be uncovered. 

Stay informed about which specific strains of marijuana containing CBD may be most appealing to you.

You’ll learn about other incredible herbal supplements and more by checking our blog for the most recent posts.

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