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Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane? 7 Things You Need to Know

Can you take CBD oil on a plane?

These are the burning questions that people ask when cannabis is part of their life and they have travel plans on the horizon. CBD is often easier to travel with because it’s more openly legal than medical and recreational marijuana. 

Whether you’re the wake and bake type, or just want some CBD to help you out with pain and anxiety, you need to know how to travel wisely with any form of cannabis. Read on to know everything you need to know about traveling with CBD. 

Traveling With CBD Oil

If you are planning to travel with CBD, it’s vital that you learn the most important points. These seven tips will you know the ins and outs of traveling with it safely and legally. 

1. Know the Cannabis Laws in the States You’re Traveling

When you know cannabis laws state by state, it’s easier to travel with CBD oil without stressing out. 

Each state has different laws, but virtually every state allows CBD for medical use. You need to learn the exact law for each state you’re traveling to and through, down to the amount that you can legally possess. 

Understanding the law where you’re at lets you act accordingly. 

2. Avoid Flying Internationally With CBD

While most states are starting to lighten their stances on CBD and marijuana as a whole, it can still get you in serious trouble depending on where you’re traveling abroad. 

Because of this, it is best that you avoid traveling internationally with any form of CBD. If you regularly travel with your CBD vape pens, be sure that you double check your luggage to make sure you didn’t leave behind any devices. 

It is much easier to defend yourself domestically if situations arise as well. 

3. Understand That the TSA is Looking For Weapons

Things are always iffy when it comes to cannabis, so it’s natural that you’ll feel some anxiety when traveling with it. 

However, it’s important to know that TSA agents aren’t looking to shake down people for CBD or other forms of cannabis. They’re put into place to protect health and safety, which means they’re looking for guns, bombs and other such weapons. 

Knowing this helps you to keep cool and confident when you’re traveling. Since you have no serious reasons for concern, be open and honest if you do happen to get questioned. The last thng you would want is to draw suspicion for no reason. 

4. Keep Your Prescription Handy if You Have One

Above all, make sure that you keep your paperwork handy when you’re traveling with CBD. If you have a prescription, doctor’s recommendation or any other form of documentation, you’ll want to keep it on you in case you need it. 

While you generally won’t have any issues to worry about, it’s always important to be able to prove you’re carrying CBD legally. States like California have stressed that they won’t check for or confiscate any forms of cannabis when you travel through their airports. 

It’s always best to have your prescription when traveling through states with stricter laws. 

5. Carry Your CBD on Your Person

Aside from TSA regulations, you will want to carry CBD on your person or in your carry-on for your own reasons as well. 

It’s important that you do this so you can speak for yourself if necessary. Leaving CBD in your bags creates more room for ambiguity while having it on you lets you address the issue head-on. 

6. Separate Your Battery From Vape Pens

According to TSA regulations, you can’t put vape devices in your checked luggage for safety reasons, so pack it in your carry-on to be on the safe side. 

When you pack the vape pens in your carry-on, always make sure that the pen is turned off and disconnected from any cartridges. For better results, you should insulate your cartridges with rubber tips as well. 

The more you protect your pens and batteries, the easier it is for you to travel safely. 

7. Understand Why You’re Using CBD and Stay on Top of the Laws

Finally, make sure that you do everything you can to remain aware of the law. 

In most states, you’re well within your rights to use CBD to your heart’s content. However, cannabis laws change quickly, so it’s up to you to remain aware of them as they evolve. The more you know about the plant, the safer and more responsible you’ll be with it as a whole. 

You’ll find that there are countless ways to take CBD. Many people use CBD vape oil pens, while others decide to use things like drinks and tinctures. By understanding these various products, you’ll be able to update the way that you travel and handle these plans accordingly. 

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane?

So can you take CBD oil on a plane?

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is covered in the details above. When you travel wisely, you’ll be able to make use of CBD without having to find a dispensary when you touch down. 

Use these strategies to get the best out of your experience. You’ll be able to take your medication as needed when you consider this information. 

When you want to learn more about cannabis products, how you can travel with them and how it can help your life, stay tuned to our content. 

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