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10 Wonderfully Weird CBD Products

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new craze. CBD sales are projected to hit $22 billion by 2022.

With CBD and hemp products sweeping the nation, some brands are getting creative with their products to make their brands stand out.

You’ve heard of CBD vape liquids and candies, but let’s jump in and talk about some of the more strange products for sale in the CBD market.

CBD Benefits

CBD is being marketed for having a lot of health benefits, and current research seems to be backing it up.

While more research is still being conducted, as CBD only became a legal and mainstream trend in recent years, the general consensus is that it offers quite a bit.

For example, research into the use of CBD has been promising for its anxiety-reducing benefits, and that is currently the most popular reason for its use. But what else can it do?

Helping with Diabetes

CBD products have become very popular with diabetics for their aid in lowering blood sugar. Not only that, using it in higher doses can help lower blood pressure and keep blood vessels open for proper circulation.

Those are extremely beneficial effects for people with diabetes, as well as obesity or circulatory problems.

Relieving Pain

Yes, CBD has become very popular for people who suffer from chronic pain. While higher doses are often needed for the pain-relieving effects, research has been promising.

Preventing Heart Disease

While more long-term research is needed to understand the effects on the heart, CBD is believed to have some promising benefits. Lowering high blood pressure and the other circulatory benefits it offers have a large impact on heart health.

So what are some ways to use CBD?

10 Strange Products with CBD

While there are a lot of potential health benefits, it isn’t going unnoticed. The market for CBD is strong, and it’s only growing.

With CBD sales on the rise, it’s understandable that companies need to release some unique products to remain competitive.

While prices will vary by product and seller, these are all currently on the market. Here are the 10 strangest CBD products on the market.

1. Sugar

CBD-infused sugar was made for sweeteners for your everyday beverages, or anything you want to put it in.

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose that are commonly used in beverages also have products that are infused with CBD.

Not only that, some companies have taken this idea and turned it into sugar-based scrubs with different scents in them. Smell good and get your daily dose of relaxation!

2. Dog Treats

You read that correctly. CBD is being researched for its benefits for your pets. The benefits of regulated blood sugar and lessened anxiety don’t just apply to humans.

CBD for dogs has been becoming more widely-used, but research is still being developed on the benefits and risks that CBD may cause to animals.

3. Aromatherapy Sprays

Scrubs, foods, additives, and now inhalants. However, this inhalant is not a vape pen. These products are used for an aromatic relief to your home as well as a for you!

4. Syrups

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Yes, CBD-infused syrups are a tasty product that comes in many flavors.

Sounds great, but most of these come in small, 2 oz bottles, so it won’t last as long as your usual bottles of table syrup.

5. Mints

CBD candies have existed for a while now, but CBD mints are a great way to freshen your breath and relax!

Mints are great for keeping your CBD use discrete and enjoying them without being noticed. Check them out at this company to learn more.

6. Energy Shots

When it comes to anything cannabis-related, energy shots don’t exactly come to mind. However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

Energy shots of all flavors can now come infused with your new favorite compound.

7. Sunflower Seed Oil

You may have heard of CBD essential oils, but yes, CBD now comes in the form of your favorite frying oils. Why would you want to cook with CBD?

Well, some of us don’t like pre-made foods or candies and want to bring some CBD into our projects in the kitchen.

8. Lotions

CBD has become so popular, in part because of its pain-relieving benefits, and CBD-infused lotions are becoming a great choice for an effective way to treat chronic pain.

This is an excellent option for people with arthritis or a location-specific pain that other topical creams are not helping with. They also make you smell good!

9. Mascara

Some of these may sound like a joke, but they are all real products. Kush mascaras have now hit the market.

These are hemp-infused, high-volume mascaras with nourishing cannabis seed oil are supposed to provide a clump-free effect that other mascaras can’t accomplish.

10. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are becoming one of the fan-favorite ways of adding CBD into our regimens. 

Seriously, what could be more relaxing than a hot bath and a healthy dose of CBD? For the record, THC bath bombs exist and are sold in dispensaries in legal states.

Why Purchase Such Strange Products?

You may be asking why a lot of these products exist with so many simpler means of use, but many CBD users like to know that they have options.

Think about it. There is no equivalent for any medication or pain reliever with this many strange and fun options for use.

For people who use CBD for medical reasons, it is great to know that you don’t have to swallow a pill every day and that you can choose almost any delivery method you want.

What Else?

With all of the great benefits that CBD is offering, we live in a great time to reap the benefits.

With so many strange products currently circulating in the CBD market, it’s hard to think of what will be next.

If any of those products are appealing, just be smart and make sure you can purchase CBD online legally where you live!

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