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Marijuana Works: Here are the Best Strains for Focus

Do you need help focusing?

Trouble focusing can stem from several factors, including, but not limited to, ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Regardless of the cause, a lack of focus can affect multiple aspects of your life.

If you need help focusing, marijuana can actually help! Each strain of marijuana works a little differently within the body to produce unique effects. Let’s take a look at the best strains for focus.

Marijuana: Best Strains for Focus

Whether you suffer from a condition like ADHD or simply find yourself feeling distracted, keep reading to learn which marijuana you should choose to help you focus.

Sativa or Indica for ADHD and Focus?

First, we should take a look at two species of Cannabis, indica, and sativa. Each produces a different type of high.

Indica tends to relax people. It contains higher proportions of CBD oil, a cannabinoid that produces more of a body effect than THC.

For this reason, you may want to use strains of indica to help with pain or insomnia. However, a few strains of indica may give you a calming focus.

Sativa delivers more of an energetic high. This species of Cannabis contains more THC than Indica. This cannabinoid works more closely with the brain, making it the best weed for ADHD and focus.

Sometimes, you might need properties from both species of cannabis. For this case, marijuana growers cross breed indica and sativa to produce a hybrid plant.

Let’s look at the best strains of indica and sativa for ADHD, ADD, and overall focus. Each species contains numerous strains that offer different effects. The following strains that will help you focus and help treat your ADHD or ADD.

True OG

This Southern Cali strain of Indica will calm your nerves and increase your focus. The pungent flavor with a hint of pine will awaken your mind.

You may want to use this strain to focus on gaming rather than for a long car trip. It tends to also seriously relax people as well.

If you suffer from severe ADHD, this strain may help. On top of a calmer clarity, you may also enjoy the euphoria this strain ignites.

Green Crack

The name may sound frightening, but this sativa strain contains 100% pure cannabis. If it makes you feel better, refer to it as Green Cush instead.

This sativa strain offers a much more energizing effect. It gives focus perfect for tasks that require energy and clarity. You may really enjoy the happy, uplifted high, especially if your trouble focusing stems from depression or difficult circumstances.

It sounds counterintuitive to treat ADHD with something that gives you more energy. However, research shows that stimulants produce a paradoxically calming effect in people who suffer from ADD and ADHD.

Though marijuana is not a stimulant, strains like this one that acts as a stimulant create a similar scenario in the body. They increase the release of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine or dopamine, which can counteract the effects of the condition.

Golden Sunshine

This hybrid strain offers a high-quality impact. It produces a similar high to Green Crack, only the Sunshine strains seem to be favored a little bit more by consumers. You will feel energized, creative, and extremely focused on this hybrid.

You can use this marijuana strain for any type of trouble focusing. Check out this blog for access to Golden Sunshine.


Does feeling down affect your focus? If so, you want to try Cinex. This Sativa strain will delight you with its happy, feel-good effect.

It works well for sparking creative energy and completing tedious tasks. You may also enjoy the splash of citrus that makes its way out of the Earthy undertones in the flavor.

Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench, a member of the sativa family, ranks in as one of the best strains for focusing. Its fruity scent will delight you as it eases your anxiety that may get in the way of your mental clarity. This strain also helps with nausea and pain, making it a great multipurpose medicinal herb.

Blueberry Headband

Appropriately named, this hybrid tastes and smells a little like blueberries! It also produces a euphoric, lighthearted feeling, that kicks stress and anxiety to the curb.

Both anxiety and stress tend to make it difficult to pay attention at work or on important tasks at home. Blueberry Headband will help you feel a lot better and get your focus back.

Phantom Cookies

This hybrid of Grandaddy Purple and Cherry Pie offers a flavorful experience with both nutty and fruity tones.

It also creates a happy and relaxed high which promotes creativity and focus. Perfect for artistic ventures!

This can help you focus if you only use a mall amount. Too much will overload you will euphoria and create an opposing effect.

Island Sweet Skunk

This sweet and skunky Sativa strain can help you focus while lifting your spirits. It’s not a good weed for ADD, because it tends to cause anxiousness in some people. But it works as an excellent remedy for pain, stress, and depression, so you may want to give it a try if you do not get anxious easily.

Durban Poison

When picking your poison, choose this South African Sativa strain for focus! This is the best weed for focus if you need a creative spark and happiness booster.

It duals as an excellent antidepressant. Also, if you get distracting headaches, Durban Poison works well to ease the pain. This strain actually smells as sweet as it sounds too!

Jack Herer

Named after a driven marijuana activist, this sativa strain lives up to its title. It creates a focused high that will make you feel happy, creative, and productive.

Dutch pharmacies actually recognize this piny scented weed as a medical-grade strain. Use Jack Herer for your ADD, ADHD, depression, fatigue, and pain. It really offers a well rounded, energetic effect.

Choose the Best Strain to Help You Focus

When choosing between the best strains for focus, consider both your needs and typical demeanor. An indica strain will help if you need an extremely relaxed type of focus, while sativa or a hybrid can give you more of a productive edge.

We hope this guide gets your gears turning in the right direction. Learn more about legal highs with us!

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