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How Does CBD Make You Feel? Here Is What to Expect

CBD has been at the forefront of the natural medicine field for half a decade now – and for good reason!CBD is known for reducing stress, aiding in muscular pain relief, and inducing a state of calm and focus.

Although, many people are hesitant to try this super supplement due to its marijuana plant origin. The Marijana plant contains both THC, the chemical that induces that “high” feeling, and CBD, the non-intoxicating chemical. 

If you haven’t tried CBD yet you’re probably wondering “how does CBD make you feel, really?”  

Keep reading to find out about the benefits of CBD, what it really feels like, and the many ways you can consume it. 

The Benefits of CBD 

Over the past decade, CBD has found a comfortable home in the world of health. With more and more credible research coming out about the benefits of CBD, we now know that this super supplement can benefit an array of health issues. 

Pain Relief

Did you know that our bodies are actually wired to use CBD?

The human body has a specialized system called the endocannabinoid system which regulates our sleep, appetite, immune system, and pain. When you consume CBD it impacts the endocannabinoid receptors and can reduce pain and inflammation in the body. 

People with conditions like arthritis and MS can greatly benefit from the pain-relieving qualities of CBD, especially when combined with THC.     

Reduces Anxiety and Depression 

Anxiety and depression are extremely common mental health disorders that are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs can have devastating side-effects like irritability, insomnia, low libido, and headaches – and can even lead to substance abuse with prolonged use. 

An alternative treatment for these mood disorders is CBD. CBD has shown to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression through clinical trials. CBD is able to regulate serotonin in the brain, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating mood.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Most CBD users report positive feelings such as relaxation and calmness. The feeling you specifically will get from CBD depends on the type of CBD you use, the dosage, and other personal life factors.

The effects of CBD products will differ from person to person depending on their weight, diet, medications, genetics, and the product formulation itself.

Overall, most people report having positive experiences when using CBD such as “an overwhelming sense of well being that filters into all other daily activities”.

How Do You Consume CBD?

CBD can be consumed orally or applied topically.

CBD infused topicals like balms and creams have been reported to relieve muscle pains in specific areas or even reduce inflammation caused by acne

CBD oil consumed orally is known to help brain function, promote calmness, and even help you fall asleep. 

CBD oil is the most popular form of CBD due to its diversity of use. You can add it to your tea, put it under your young, or buy CBD oil-infused snacks, like these CBD jelly beans.

CBD oil can come in many different dosages and spectrums, so its important to know what form will help you get the feeling you’re looking for.

If you consume a full-spectrum CBD oil product you are getting the full range of cannabinoids, the chemicals inside of marijuana and hemp plants, including THC. 

In broad-spectrum CBD oil products, all of the THC is filtered out, leaving only the non-psychedelic chemical compounds.  

Can CBD Get You High?

In short, no. 

If you consume high concentrations of CBD or more than the recommended dosage, you may experience an “uplifted” feeling that is not necessarily considered a high.

CBD, even taken in high doses, will not produce a psychedelic effect on the brain. This “uplifted” feeling is most likely a result of being more relaxed and at peace than usual.   

In some cases, people who take too much CBD at once can experience nausea, dizziness, and fatigue and never reach that “uplifted” feeling at all. 

Overall, CBD will not get you high, but when taken correctly, it can make you feel really good.  


CBD and THC are both cannabinoids found in cannabis plants.  

Both chemicals create a reaction in your brain, but the type of reactions are completely different – even opposites. 

THC binds to the CB1 receptors in your brain and creates that “high” associated with using marijuana products. For some people, this reaction can be extremely euphoric and for others, it can trigger anxiety and even psychosis. 

CBD, on the other hand, blocks the CB1 receptors in your brain stopping any intoxication from happening at all. Instead, it interacts with other receptors in your brain to produce a mildly relaxed state.

Many people prefer to use CBD because it does not produce the psychedelic effect that THC produces.       

Is CBD Legal to Use in the US?    

Cannabis is still illegal for consumption in the US on the federal level. Although, in 2018 restrictions on hemp plants were lifted, so hemp-derived CBD is legal to use on the federal level.  

CBD is generally legal to purchase if the THC content is no more than 0.3%. In states where marijuana is legal for medical and/or recreational use, CBD can also be used legally at varying concentrations.        

Are There Side Effects to Using CBD?  

According to the World Health Organization CBD is safe for consumption and is even used in some medications approved by the FDA.  

Although it is safe to use, some people still experience side-effects when using CBD. Side effects include dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, and fatigue.  

It’s important to purchase your CBD from a trusted source and talk to your doctor before using CBD if you are taking any other medication in order to avoid unwanted interactions. 

Are You Ready To Try CBD For Yourself? 

CBD is a safe product that can aid in relaxation and promote a general state of well being. CBD is different from its counterpart, THC, in that it will not get you high and produces a much more subtle effect on the brain and body. 

If you’re still asking yourself “how does CBD make you feel” you can try it out for yourself now that you have all the information you need.  

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