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A Beginner’s Guide to CBD: What is CBD and how to Take the Proper Dose

So you’ve decided to try CBD and experience the wondrous benefits that everyone is raving about. Good! We’re glad you’re on this journey.

If you’re trying CBD for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. I’m sure you already know about what ailments it can help with, which is why you’re trying it. But what exactly is CBD? And how much should you take?

Read on, and we’ll guide you through the basics of CBD, the proper dose to take, and different ways you can consume it. 

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is a chemical compound that is derived from the hemp plant, also known as the cannabis plant. It’s a natural substance and while it’s derived from cannabis, it will not get you high like THC does.

CBD has a variety of health benefits, from treating anxiety and depression to helping with muscle and joint pain. It’s simple to realize the benefits of CBD. What takes a little research is known the amount and the best way to consume it.

How Do I Take CBD?

There quite a few different ways to take CBD, and the best way to consume CBD for you really depends on what you’re comfortable with and the reason you’re taking it.

One of the most effective and common ways to take CBD is through CBD oil. The effects are quick, usually within 15 minutes. And with a tincture, it’s easy to control how much you’re taking. 

Another common way to take CBD is through vapes. By using vape cartridges, you can feel the effects very quickly as well. And for those that live in states where recreational marijuana is legal, you can get cartridges high in CBD that also contain THC if you wanna ease your pain and get high at the same time.

Another way to take CBD is through topicals. These products are good if you only want to feel the effects on a certain area of the body. Examples include shampoo, lotions, and soaps. 

What is the Proper Dose of CBD?

Much like with the method of taking CBD, the dose you should take depends on the individual, and what you’re trying to accomplish through the CBD.

You should always start with a very small dose to make sure you don’t react poorly. Small doses can be easily done through a few drops of oil or a small puff of a vaporizer. 

Standard doses are usually around 20mg to 40mg depending on the severity of your symptoms, but the effective dosage varies by person. Start small and increase until it works perfectly for you.

Learn More About CBD

Now that you’re educated on CBD and the proper dose you should take, it’s time to expand your knowledge!

At Legal Highs That Work we have tons of information on everything from CBD to weed strains to other natural legal herbs that will have you feeling great. Keep reading, and enjoy your CBD!

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