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How Much Does a Hookah Cost?

Have you become interested in buying a hookah for yourself? 

Well, that’s not surprising. The act of smoking shisha is an art form in itself and is quite appealing. 

In this article, we will cover the information necessary for buying shisha and more. Keep reading to find out the answer to: how much does a hookah cost?

Modern Hookah vs Traditional Hookah

To start strong, let’s start with the most intuitive difference between the two. Traditional hookah comes from the countries of the Middle East, primarily from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey. Whereas a modern hookah has most likely been developed in an outsourced country of the Asian continent while it is sold by companies in the US or anywhere else.

As the name would imply, a traditional hooker has a traditional style. They possess art lines that propose generations of history, but the style differs region by region. Therefore, you can easily expect each traditional hookah to have unique patterns and designs that resemble the history of a certain area from where it comes from.

Modern hookahs are made with modern assembly techniques, unlike traditional hookahs, which are usually made by hand. So figuring which is not that hard. The aesthetic varies on performance, styling, and construction. 


The modern hookah is manufactured with lightweight materials and no weld lines. You’ll often see hookahs that are threaded and screwed together, meaning they can be easily disassembled to fit into a case. 

A higher-quality model might try to resemble the look of a traditional hookah with a variety of materials. The bowl on a modern hookah is usually made of ceramic instead of clay. Ceramic is not capable of transferring heat as well as clay, so the smoking experience is diminished as well.

On the example of a traditional hookah where the bowl is made of clay, the heat is distributed evenly, which burns the tobacco slower and doesn’t ash the coals.  It also prolongs the length of a smoking session because the flavor doesn’t get too harsh.

For the best hookah flavors, make sure you give them all a try to figure out what you like.


Traditional hookahs are almost always larger in size and manufactured with heavy metals. Not to mention, they are often created with an alloy composite of various metals, such as copper, brass, and steel. 

A modern hookah can even be made of plastic, and in some cases, metals. But even then they do not compare to the build quality of a traditional hookah.

A quality hookah should have brass around points of heat inference, such as the check valve and hose port. Because of the brazing process, these areas can get a tight seal that cannot be achieved with screw-on parts.

On the premise of performance, a traditional hookah will almost always be better than a modern hookah, unless a modern hookah is on the higher end and has advanced tech tailored to a better experience. 

Buying a Hookah

Before you go out and purchase a hookah, it’s best to know how to check it for certain characteristics. Even the best of hookahs can be defective, and that’s a problem. 

You can begin by reviewing the hookah bowl. Look for chipping and opening at the point where it connects with the hookah. If the opening is not a circle, but an oval, it won’t seal properly. 

Look for anything that’s obstructing the bowl. A hole can be clogged up during a glazing process.

Now fit the bowl on top, and pull/push the hookah slightly; the bowl should not move at all. If it wobbles, you can try screwing it on more with a push/turn movement. 

Next, plug the hose port with your finger, and blow through the other end of the entry. Listen for air leakage.

Now do the same, but with the hose plugged in. If either case has a sound of air, you either have cracked glass or a hole in the hose. 

Analyze the glass stem to see if there are any cracks or damage to it. Take a look at the release valve, and make sure the ball bearing is present. 

For a final check on airflow, you can assemble the entire hookah together but remove the bowl and gasket. Use a piece of cloth and top off the stem above. Suck through the hose, don’t blow.

If you hear any air leakage, there’s a problem with the hose port, meaning it’s been welded improperly. Now you can blow, and if the air comes out of the release valve, you’re fine. 

And that’s about it. If you can perform all of those tests without a fault, the hookah is most likely at its best at that point in time.

So How Much Does A Hookah Cost?

When it comes to buying a hookah, you get what you pay for. If you’re buying a cheap hookah ($50), you get cheap quality. 

If you’re spending quality money on it ($100+), you’ll get a decent experience out of it. Nonetheless, a traditional hookah can look terrible with exterior weld lines and handheld finishing, but the smoking experience is well worth the money.

In any case, these hookahs can easily cost more than $500. Also, the more popular a brand is, the more expensive the hookah will be. 

The Right Hookah for You

Now that you have the answer to the question of how much does a hookah cost, you’re well on your way to finding the best shisha for you. 

Not only do you know the difference between a modern and traditional hookah, but you can also identify a faulty device from a working one. With this new information, you can enter any shisha store and act as an expert. 

If you’re interested in learning more about similar topics, check out the rest of our blog.

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