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The Secret to Achieving a Morning Glory High

Many illicit, as well as legal, drugs are sourced from natural resources like plants. Cannabis is the common example, but other drugs like cocaine (from coca leaves), opium (from poppy), and types of hallucinogenic mushrooms all come from natural things.

So you might not be surprised to learn of another natural product that can get you high: morning glory seeds. Unlike things like cocaine and opium that are isolated components of their parent plants, morning glory seeds as a whole seed can get you high.

Another difference between morning glory and some other types of drug highs is that morning glory seeds are a legal way to get high. But achieving a morning glory high isn’t the easiest process. Keep reading to learn about these seeds and how you can use them to get high.

What Are Morning Glory Seeds?

The Morning Glory is a general name that refers to over one thousand different types of flowers within the same scientific family Convolvulaceae. The specific species of Morning Glories most commonly used for their drug-like effects are Ipomoea Violacea and Turbina Corymbosa.

Morning Glory seeds are how you grow morning glories, and they’re usually sold online or at plant/home stores.

History of Morning Glory Seeds

Morning glory seeds have a long history as a plant medicine and as a component in religious/psychedelic rituals.

The Aztecs were especially known for using morning glories in different types of rituals as well as for medicinal uses. The believed use of these seeds helped them connect to their Sun Gods, which made use of these seeds sacred to them.

The Chontal people also believed that these seeds held a strong spiritual significance that would help them connect to spirits in the spiritual realm that they could not otherwise reach.

Even today, these seeds are commonly used in shamanic rituals by indigenous people.

Why Can Morning Glory Seeds Get You High?

Morning Glory Seeds contain a chemical called D-lysergic acid amide, also known as LSA. LSA is similar in makeup and effects as the famous hallucinogenic LSD.

LSA can produce similar effects to LSD, but at a much smaller intensity. It’s estimated that LSA is one-twentieth as powerful as LSD. But when you think about the power and intensity of a classic LSD trip, even one-twentieth the power is pretty significant.

What’s a Morning Glory High Like?

We already mentioned how the LSA in morning glory seeds will produce effects similar to LSD. Both LSA and LSD are considered to be hallucinogens and/or psychedelics.

What does this mean in terms of a morning glory seeds high? Many people report that eating morning glory seeds is quite similar to an LSD trip, complete with visual hallucinations, euphoria, and a dream-like state.

However, they also report that this type of high is less intense than LSD with the added negative of, often extreme, nausea.

How to Take Morning Glory Seeds

The initial dose usually taken is around 20-25 individual seeds, but many people eat hundreds at a time. If you’re a smaller person, you should take that into account and start at a lower dose.

Morning glory seeds are taken orally, which means they’re usually eaten whole.

If you choose to eat them whole, you’ll need to really chew them a lot before you swallow them or else you won’t digest them and get the effects of the LSA in the seeds.

You can also choose to grind up the seeds and soak them in water for around 30 minutes. You can then strain the liquid and drink it.

Some people choose to sprout the seeds and simply eat the internal sprout minus the seed. However, some people say that this method gives you a less effective high.

What to Watch Out For

Just because eating morning glory seeds is a legal way to get high doesn’t mean that this is 100% safe. As with any drug, there are risks of complications and side effects that you should be aware of before you try it out.

Know What You’re Getting Into

LSA is no joke. Even with less intensity than LSD, it’s a pretty serious high. Psychedelics can induce crazy hallucinations that can sometimes be overwhelming, scary, or anxiety-inducing.

If you’re at risk for mental illnesses like schizophrenia or psychosis, it’s not recommended that you take psychedelics or hallucinogens, as these can induce symptoms of these illnesses.

Have a close friend with you while you’re tripping so they can make sure you’re OK and don’t do anything reckless or dangerous while high.


One of the biggest things to be aware of when trying to get a morning glory seeds high is that nausea and stomach pain is quite common. The larger the does, the more intense this side effect can be.

It can be quite severe, and it has put people in the hospital.

Some people have nausea medication on hand when eating morning glories so they can offset any potential nausea.

LSA Hangover

Another thing to be aware of is what’s referred to as an LSA hangover. Some people find LSA hangovers quite severe and put them out for a full day afterward with anxiety, fatigue, nausea, and more.

Drug Interactions

If you’re taking any MAOI-antidepressants, you should not take morning glories. Technically, morning glory seeds are classified as a depressant, which can cause dangerous interactions with MAOI-antidepressants.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a legal way to get high, a morning glory high could be for you. However, there’s a lot that goes into this type of high that you wouldn’t really have to worry about with other types of highs.

Follow these recommendations and do your research before trying this type of high. Your safety is always more important than getting high.

If you want to learn about other legal and safe ways to get high, check out some of our favorite legal highs.

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