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The world is changing, and CBD is very much a part of it. CBD is being used to treat a number of ailments and conditions in people everywhere. CBD has been proven to help with issues like anxiety, sleepless nights, and pain, amongst other things. It’s not the same thing as THC. It doesn’t get you high. But some people are still trying to give it a bad rap. Many people wonder if CBD will show up on a drug test. If you’re a marijuana smoker and you’ve ever had to take a drug test, you understand the fear and anxiety that causes your heart to race, wonderingRead More →

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Are you considering planning a vacation soon? Do you enjoy kicking up your feet and relaxing with a joint in hand? If you answered yes, then you might want to consider choosing vacation destinations that allow legal highs for both its locals and tourists. So before you pack your bag, be sure to do all your research on the best places to travel to when seeking a legal high. Now that cannabis has become increasingly popular and legal around the world, there are more options than ever before. So, how do you know which destination is the perfect fit for you? We’re here to help!Read More →

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Approximately 55 million Americans (that’s about 22 percent of the population) currently uses marijuana. This is a number that continues to go up as recreational use is legalized throughout the country. Now that the use of marijuana is becoming more popular, topics such as working out high are getting more and more attention. Is it smart? Are there any benefits? Is it something worth trying? If you have had these questions about marijuana and exercise in the past, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of this here. 1. It Helps Relieve Exercise Related Aches andRead More →

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There has been a host of controversy over Marijuana for decades. Recent years have turned the tide in favor of the illegal plant, and in some shocking ways. Out of all the supporters to back research and development into cannabis products, the last one you might suspect is hardcore athletes. Yet, many athletes at all levels of competition are using more and more THC supplements. What caused this shift in support? Let’s look at the details. Athletics and THC Supplements Even the casual athlete knows that constant workout routines and intense training play havoc on the body. Add in stress from competitions, and each athleteRead More →