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Top 10 Awesome Cities to Legally Get High In (That Aren’t Amsterdam)

So you love traveling the world, huh?

The world is full of amazing sights and sounds to enjoy and a change of environment is what you need from time to time. It’s natural for you to want to travel, so we don’t blame you.

But there’s one little problem: You love smoking a joint.

Many stoners have got the same problem when traveling. While they’d like to keep lighting up, it gets much harder once one is in a foreign territory.

So, we’ve decided to lend you a helping hand. We’ve put together a list of cities around the world where it’s OK to smoke weed.

Here are 10 amazing cities where you can get legally high (or is it high legally?)

1. Kingston, Jamaica

Ah, Jamaica, the home of the Rastafarian religion! Weed is a key part of the religion and it’s become synonymous with Jamaica’s laidback attitude and beautiful scenery.

The government of Jamaica has also legalized possession of little amounts, making it so much easier for the weed traveler to get legal highs in paradise.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver is the cannabis Mecca of America because it’s the largest city in the first American state to fully decriminalize recreational use of pot. As long as you’ve got an ID and you’re over 21, you can buy up to 7 gm of marijuana.

It’s only legal to get high on private property, of course with the owner’s permission, so don’t go walking down the road with a blunt in your mouth.

3. Barcelona, Spain

High Life Expo and Spannabis are held annually in Barcelona, one of the best holiday spots for weed smokers looking to enjoy Spain’s sunny sights.

Cannabis is technically outlawed but well tolerated so long as you have your wits about you and smoke inside the many cannabis clubs. Most clubs accept foreigners and operate within the law.

Sometimes you can also get away with consuming pot on the sandy beaches of Barcelona, and many hawkers will gladly sell you a joint. Just remember that while possession is legal, smoking weed publicly isn’t.

4. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is arguably the most famous party location in Europe. Here, you can also get a legal high or two.

This island is lined with miles of scenic beaches and boasts beautiful weather throughout the year. It’s where celebrities around the world come to be seen and, of course, to party.

It’s legal to carry up to 40 gm of cannabis for personal consumption, and it’s common to smell hash or marijuana at the nightclubs and on the beaches.

You can get your night going with a little sativa, and nurse your hangover the next day with some indica.

Spain is one of the most weed-friendly places on earth, and in a carefree place like Ibiza, pot is easy to get and is frequently used in public.

5. Zurich, Switzerland

Scenic Zurich is home to casinos, fascinating architecture, national museums, and perhaps in the not-too-distant future, legal marijuana.

It’s easy to move around Zurich. It’s quite a walk-friendly city with great public transportation and you can visit all year round.

It’s currently illegal to possess ganja in Switzerland, but Zurich has a very relaxed attitude to enforcement. If caught smoking weed in public, the police may write you a ticket but that’s it.

Hash and marijuana are easy to find. They’re found at local hemp stores, and the quality is generally quite good.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Aside from the flamboyantly-lit theaters and shops, as well as casinos, the Sin City has weed as its tourism attraction.

Since Nevada is one of the states where recreational and medical marijuana use is allowed, Las Vegas makes the most of this opportunity to attract a growing number of tourists and cannabis users.

For the best medical marijuana while you’re in Vegas, view here for more.

7. Vancouver, Canada

You get the best of both worlds when you visit Vancouver. You can spend your morning checking out shops in the busy districts and then go hiking in the Grouse Mountain or Burnaby Mountain in the afternoon.

Marijuana consumption is very popular in this city, but it’s still against the law to possess a huge amount or look like you’re supplying.

The Canadian government has legalized recreational marijuana use and there are various strains available in Vancouver, including popular variants of Kush like Purple and Orange.

8. Montevideo, Uruguay

A picture of paradise, Montevideo is the only Latin American city on this list. It’s a charming place full of excitement and culture, and worlds apart from the conventional stoner destination.

You’ll love the food to bits, so we recommend merging your two pastimes. Smoke a joint and then browse the city’s many gorgeous restaurants.

9. Paradise Island, Bahamas

This island is well-known as the best relaxation vacation. With dazzling clear blue waters and tranquil surroundings, Paradise Island has bagged starring roles in various movies, including James Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Smoking cigarettes are legal in most public places, but the security guards around this city are known to be incredibly relaxed about weed use. Often, the guards are helpful and can even help you get the best ganja for your money from local dealers.

It’s always wise to take their advice because if you’re caught by the police, you might end up doing some time in jail.

10. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cambodians really don’t give a toss if you get high from weed, and it’s so much easy to get weed in Phnom Penh. Just remember that smoking weed is illegal here, but a small bribe can fix things.

Just don’t venture north into Thailand with your joint–it could get you jailed.

Summary of Cities Where You Can Get Legally High

As it’s clear to see, there are lots of destinations all around the world where weed use is not frowned up. This is good news for the traveling ganja user.

Just keep in mind that weed smoking is technically illegal in many of these areas. But so long as you’re smart while getting legally high, you’ll realize that there’s loads of fun to be had.

For more useful posts about how to get high legally with cannabis, please browse our blog.

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