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Feeling Restless? 10 Natural Solutions for Anxiety You Should Try

Almost 80% of people feel stressed in their everyday lives. Symptoms of stress can strike at any time, affecting your wellbeing. 

Demanding work schedules and limited personal time spur feelings of anxiety. This can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. Too much anxiety is even tied to a greater risk of high blood pressure and obesity.  

So, are you looking for effective techniques to lower stress levels without medication? Read on for 10 natural solutions to help reduce anxiety.  

1. Hit the Gym

Exercise is one of the top methods for how to treat anxiety without medication. A regular workout routine boosts feel-good endorphins. It also increases the production of dopamine and serotonin to improve your mood.  

Physical activity reduces cortisol stress-hormones in the brain. It helps to release tension in your mind and body as well. A regular workout routine will even reduce insomnia symptoms.  

Aim to work out at the gym or in your home a few days a week. Even taking a walk or run around your neighborhood can help with anxiety. 

2. Reconnect With Nature

The best natural anxiety relief may be more time spent outdoors. Nature and fresh air can help to clear your mind. Being outdoors relaxes the mind and regulates your mood, lowering stress hormones.   

Try activities like gardening, biking, or hiking. Canoeing and kayaking are other great ways to get outside more. 

Another tip is to bring your work outside. More companies are offering outdoor working spaces for employees. These help to boost productivity and create a less stressful working environment. 

3. Meditate for Better Mental Clarity 

Meditation offers a natural treatment of anxiety. It works to help calm the mind and improve focus. 

Practicing meditation connects the mind and body and encourages positive thinking. It also helps you to learn deep breathing techniques to calm anxious thoughts. 

To become more mindful, try meditating for 10 minutes a day. This is best done before work or bedtime when you have the greatest focus. Yoga is another activity to try that is ideal for lowering stress levels. 

4. Become a Dog Owner

Owning a pet is beneficial for your mental health as it lowers cortisol levels. Spending time with your pet also produces oxytocin. 

Pets offer companionship and love to make you feel less isolated. Dogs can also sense emotions in their owners.

This can help you to overcome anxious thoughts and triggers. Dogs can even be trained to help their owners from having a panic attack. 

Another way to beat stress is to take daily walks with your dog. You can also go out in the fresh air and play frisbee in the park.  

5. Start a Journal

Writing activities are natural remedies for anxiety. Journaling your thoughts and feelings is a great way to clear your head. It helps to write every day for the results to be most effective. 

This therapeutic activity also increases self-awareness. This allows you to rid yourself of negative thoughts. You can also reflect on problems and come up with helpful solutions.   

6. Smoke a Relaxing Strain

Marijuana helps many people to relax their minds. It can reduce feelings of excessive worry and anxiety.

Some people with extreme anxiety even have trouble leaving the house. Marijuana delivery services offer natural solutions to help treat this. 

Be sure to focus on cannabis strains that are best for those with anxiety. This includes Purple Urkle, Remedy, and ACDC.  

7. Change Your Diet

The right diet is also key to how to reduce anxiety. A nutritious and well-balanced meal plan can boost your mental health. These foods contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your body and mind. 

Salmon contains DHA and omega-3 fatty acids to support brain function. Yogurt has probiotics that even help to lower symptoms of social anxiety.   

Many herbs and supplements also offer anxiety-reducing properties. This includes Turmeric and Chamomile.  

B vitamins help support the production of mood-regulating hormones, including serotonin. Folate and magnesium may also lessen feelings of anxiety.

8. Take a Vacation

Feeling overworked with little time for leisure activities lets in stress. A vacation offers a chance to take personal time away from the office. Consider relaxing on a beach, sailing in the ocean, or hiking in the mountains. 

By doing this, you’re removing yourself from a stressful environment. This helps to improve your mental health. You’ll also feel happier while planning your vacation. 

After vacation, you’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and recharged. This makes you less stressed and improves productivity levels.  

9. Get a Massage 

Certain massage therapy techniques offer an effective form of stress relief. Massage lowers cortisol levels, reduces muscle tension, and improves sleeping patterns.  

Deep tissue, Swedish, or Shiatsu massages are most popular for relieving stress. Schedule a massage for 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how much anxiety you’re experiencing.  

An aromatherapy massage features soothing scents like chamomile and lavender. Applying these oils during a massage will help you to relax further. Acupressure also works by targeting pressure points to lessen anxiety.  

10. Create a Calming Nighttime Routine

A nighttime routine works to help you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Do this by taking a long hot bath with scented candles. Then pamper yourself with lotion or essential oils.  

It’s best not to watch TV or stare at your phone screen before bed. This can interrupt your sleep cycle and makes it harder to fall asleep. Instead, try reading a book before bedtime. 

Another tip is to sip a hot cup of herbal tea. Chamomile has a calming effect on the brain and lessens anxiety symptoms. Sleeping with a weighted blanket can also reduce anxious thoughts.   

The Best Natural Solutions for Lowering Stress Levels 

These natural solutions offer an effective way to reduce anxiety in your life. They work to calm your mind and body and relieve symptoms of stress. 

Looking for more tips on how exercise, supplements, and herbs can enhance your life? Check out the latest topics on our blog for more advice.  


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