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The Types of Terpenes Explained: This is What You Need to Understand

More than 100 unique terpenes have been identified in the marijuana plant so far.

Terpenes are what determines the effects and flavor of marijuana. They are the aromatic oils that flavor weed with citrus, berry, and mint flavors.

With such a variety to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which terpenes you like the most.

Continue reading to learn about the best types of terpenes to enhance your experience!

1. Myrcene

The most common found terpene in cannabis is myrcene.

Myrcene has been associated with earthy and musky flavors and aromas in cannabis. Some people are even reminded of cloves while smelling it. Myrcene is unique and even has a grape-like aroma that is pleasant.

Many people get cannabis with myrcene to help reduce inflammation and pain, along with promoting sleep. Skunk XL and Special Kush are two popular myrcene abundant strains.

2. Limonene

There are many types of terpenes with fruity aromas, and limonene is the most popular.

Limonene is known for giving cannabis a citrusy scent that resembles lemons. If you want to reduce anxiety and put yourself in a better mood, cannabis that is abundant with limonene is worth trying.

Research has also shown that limonene may help kill fungus and bacteria. Sour Diesel and Lemon Haze are popular strains with this terpene.

3. Linalool

Have you ever smelled marijuana that reminded you of something spicy, yet sweet?

Linalool is a unique terpene that has floral notes and warm spices. The aromas and flavors resemble mint, cinnamon, and lavender. People get these types of strains to help with insomnia and to relax them.

You can try Amnesia Haze or OG Shark to discover the benefits of this terpene.

4. Eucalyptol

If you are looking for a strain of marijuana that has a cool and minty flavor, getting strains with eucalyptol is recommended.

This terpene has been used to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungus, along with relieving pain. Research is still being conducted, but it may also help benefit those with Alzheimer’s too. Try Super Silver Haze the next time you get cannabis.

5. Terpineol

This type of terpene is a favorite amongst people because it has so many beautiful aromas and flavors.

With terpineol, people can benefit from the antibiotic and antioxidant properties. This terpene can be described as floral-like, with hints of apple blossom and lilacs with a citrusy kick.

Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent choice of cannabis with terpineol, another popular option is Jack Herer.

Discover New Types of Terpenes

Utilizing this guide can help you discover new types of terpenes that are commonly found in cannabis strains.

Depending on the flavors and aromas that you like, you can get cannabis that matches your preferences. There are musky and earth terpenes, along with fruity and floral options. Trying different strains will introduce you to even more terpenes.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about marijuana and herbal substances that can help you heal naturally!

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