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High Earner: Your Guide to Making Legal Profit from Cannabis

The total U.S cannabis demand is $52.5 billion. Which is why it makes sense that so many people want to get in on the industry to profit from pot. Fortunately, there are a number of career paths and positions to make this happen.

Ways to Profit from Pot

If you think having a job in the cannabis field is too good to be true, guess again. There are countless job positions being created on a daily basis. We invite you to learn more about the opportunities available to you so you can find the right career choice for your unique needs and interests.


Working as a grower or grow master is one of the most sought-after jobs in the cannabis industry today. It requires being able to cultivate multiple strains that are in high demand on the market.

Since the job is in high demand without many prospects that can fill the position, the position gets paid up to $100,000 a month. There is also the potential for training and education for this position to arise as the field grows.


After many votes and hurdles, selling marijuana is finally legal…kind of. Cannabis sales reps are in charge of selling various strains to dispensaries and edible creators.

Along with being a major asset in the industry, there are many benefits that accompany the position. Cannabis sales reps get to enjoy plenty of travel, a healthy commision, and lots of sales samples! It’s one position that practically guarantees you’ll be everyone best friend.

Dispensary Owner

Another way to directly sell cannabis legally is by owning your own dispensary. Dispensaries offer a variety of products from different blends of cannabis to pipes and paraphernalia. Some dispensaries even offer edibles.

Having your own dispensary is a great way to choose the type of products you offer while getting to try out new products and building relationships with your customers. Those working at dispensaries are often referred to as “budtenders” as they are able to make recommendations and engage socially with customers like a bartender.


Want to be involved in the cannabis industry without having to hold inventory? Working in the area of cannabis delivery is a great way to accomplish that! Imagine something similar to GrubHub but for the cannabis market.

While it may seem convenient for customers, you’re also creating a valuable solution for those suffering from serious conditions. Those who need cannabis for medicinal purposes but are unable to physically go to the dispensary to buy it, rely on delivery companies to bring them the relief they need.


Recreational cannabis sales are expected to rise to $9.7 million by the end of the year. With such a demand on the market, businesses will be looking to stand out from their competitors with the help of marketing efforts.

However, a new industry comes new advertising potential. If you have a gift for marketing and interest in the marijuana industry you may be able to make an income helping new businesses create their logos, taglines, and even their packaging.

Tour Guide

Thanks to a growing industry offering new businesses like 420 friendly bed and breakfasts and cafes, cannabis tourism is blooming into a profitable industry of its own. If you don’t want to own a physical business in the tourism industry you can always work as a cannabis tour guide.

Cannabis tour guides can organize trips and introduce weed tourists to 420 friendly businesses. This is a great way to help support local businesses in the cannabis industry as well meet new and interesting people.


With the legalization of recreational cannabis, there’s never been a greater demand for edibles. If you would love to combine your passion for cooking there are several ways you can land a job in the industry.

The first is as an edible creator, crafting delicious chocolates and candy. Next, you can work as a cannabis chef, even creating dishes for fine dining cannabis restaurants. Finally, you can create the ingredients others use to make edibles such as oils, butter, and other ingredients.

Real Estate

Growing and cultivating cannabis begins with starting with the right plot of land, which could be a challenge for potential buyers to find. This is where cannabis real estate agents come in.

Cannabis real estate agents earn money by either selling plots of land that’s already been cultivated or plots of land that are ideal for planting and cultivating cannabis. The commision structure is great and you get to build relationships with future cannabis business owners.


Cannabis starts with a crop and unfortunately there are a number of natural disasters that can wipe out a cannabis field entirely. After the vast California fires took out a percentage of agricultural life, businesses became aware of the need to protect their cannabis fields.

Which is why cannabis insurance was born. By selling cannabis insurance you can make a solid profit off of a low competition industry while also helping businesses protect their investment.

Tapping into the Growing Cannabis Industry

If you’re looking to profit from pot and it’s growing industry, the more you know the more successful you’ll be. Since cannabis is a new area there are countless fields arising from medicine, to tourism, to entertainment that you can choose to invest in.

It’s important to also know that the fight isn’t over yet. Many advocates are still supporting the legalization of recreational cannabis in States that have yet to legalize it. By being involved in pushing the cannabis agenda, you can help grow this market even further.

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